Amazon Key
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Amazon launched the new Amazon Key service just about six months ago. It allows the e-commerce company’s delivery staff to unlock a customer’s car’s front door and put the package inside the car when the customer is not around. Now, the e-commerce giant has announced a variation to this service, where it will let the delivery person to unlock the customer’s parked car’s trunk.

Amazon Key
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If you are a Prime member of Amazon, you can avail this service and your ordered package will reach your car parked at your mentioned address, even if no one is around the vehicle.

All you have to do is park the car in an area where it is publicly accessible and you will be able to receive this in-car delivery service. You can also track the delivery of your package, as you will keep getting real-time notifications.

Amazon has also put emphasis on the security measures that have been taken to ensure that the process is completely safe. Essentially the car gets unlocked by the car’s manufacturer remotely and by Amazon or the delivery person. The e-commerce giant showed an exclusive demo to The Verge.

“Note that [the Amazon delivery driver] doesn’t have a special key or direct access to the car. It’s going up to the Amazon Key cloud, and it’s going over to the Chevrolet cloud, in this case, which is where the unlock command is issued. We only actually do the unlock if its [sic] the right person, right place, right car, right time. Got to pass all those checks,” Amazon’s vice president of delivery technology, Peter Larsen, told The Verge while explaining the video (above).

Amazon is currently launching this service to a limited number of car owners in 37 American cities.

Amazon Key In-Car Delivery will be compatible with most of the 2015 or newer Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, and Volvo cars. The cars also need to have an ongoing connected car service plan, such as OnStar or Volvo On Call. Basically, it’s the car service that unlocks a customer’s vehicle. So, you cannot avail Amazon Key In-Car Delivery if you don’t have such a service.



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