Nowadays all our smartphones come equipped with a browser. For the Android phones, there is Google Chrome; for Apple’s iPhones, we have Safari. However, apart from these, a number of third-party browser options are currently available in the market and those, who want to explore a little, may choose to use them. In this category, we have Opera, Firefox, Edge and many others and now we have a new addition to this list – Amazon.

Yes, you heard it right! It may sound unusual, but as per a TechCrunch report, Amazon is here with their very own smartphone browser for the Android devices and it is called, well, “Internet”.

Jeff Bezos’ company recently launched the browser and claims that it is lite, private and fast. Internet is only 3MB in size. The “lite” apps, such as Facebook Lite, are gaining quite a lot of traction these days, particularly in the developing markets, where the Internet speed might be slow and the amount of data limited.


That is the market Amazon is targeting, as currently, the new app, Internet is only available in India. As of now, it is not clear why Amazon suddenly launched this browser. The company already has its “Silk” browser that one can find on the Fire Android tablets.

The company hasn’t yet announced anything about launching the app in the other nations. So, we suppose, we just have to wait until we hear more about it from the firm.


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