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When you say something important to people, chances are they will remember it; unless they have a memory of a goldfish. However, this is one thing that machines cannot do; or can they? Well, Amazon is trying to develop something with Alexa, with which you don’t have to start from the scratch every time you want to give an input.

Ruhi Sarikaya from Amazon explained it details some of the modifications that the company will be bringing to its smart digital assistant Alexa. According to Jeff Bezos’ company, one of the changes will include giving memory to the smart assistant. Yes, you read that right! Amazon’s smart home speaker’s Alexa will be capable of remembering things that users ask and later, it will recall them. The information that the digital assistant will store in its memory will include birth dates, anniversaries and so on.

Add to that, the e-commerce giant is also looking to expand Alexa’s two-turn interactions. Here the developers are trying to do it so that the digital assistant can follow up on earlier requests. This will make it more contextual and natural sounding.

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“We are expanding beyond this to include utterances without pronouns. For example: ‘Alexa, how is the weather in Seattle?’ → ‘What about this weekend,’” explained Sarikaya.

“We are also supporting context across domains. For example: ‘Alexa, how’s the weather in Portland?’ → ‘How long does it take to get there?’ We are providing this more natural way of engaging with Alexa by adding deep learning models to our spoken language understanding (SLU) pipeline that allows us to carry customers’ intent and entities within and across domains (i.e., between weather and traffic),” he added.


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