Regular Show ushered Cartoon Network into a new era. Along with Adventure Time and The Amazing World of Gumball, the series introduced a more sophisticated style of animation as well as a number of jokes that only adults would get. This is especially evident in Regular Show, which featured a lot of references to 1980s and 1990s pop culture as well as a lot of double entendres. The extenders have been replaced with explicit adult humour in creator J.G. Quintel’s newest project, Close Enough, which you don’t want your kids to see.

The first two seasons are already available on HBO Max, and if you grew up with Regular Show and its trademark style of comedy, this is the show for you.

Close Enough | Season 3 Trailer

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Close Enough has a similar structure, with episodes that start off reasonably normal with traditional sitcom plots before spiralling out of control with Matrix-style devices and parallel dimensions.

Close Enough is set to follow in the footsteps of Regular Show, which ran for eight seasons and 261 episodes. As a result, here’s what we know so far about Season 3 of Close Enough.

When will Close Enough season three be released?

With excellent reviews and a growing fan base, HBO Max is likely to demand closer Enough in the future. “Season 2 of Close Enough debuts on HBO Max February 25th and, furthermore, I am thrilled to finally reveal that I am now Head Writer and Executive Producer for the upcoming Season 3!” wrote Bill Oakley in a tweet before season 2 was even launched.

Close Enough Season 3 - Everything You Should Know So Far in 2022

While no official release date has been set, fans of the programme shouldn’t have to wait long. Season 2 debuted on the platform on July 9, 2020, a short time after season 1.

Close Enough season 3 cast: who’s in it?

The primary cast of characters is likely to stay the same in Season 3, which includes the return of Josh (J.G. Quintel), Emily (Gabrielle Walsh), and Candice (Gabrielle Walsh) as the key family (Jessica DiCicco). Bridgette (Kimiko Glenn) and Alex, who are roommates, will join them (Jason Mantzoukas). Pearle (Danielle Brooks), her son Randy (James Adomian), and Candice’s elementary school teacher Mr Timothy frequently accompany these wild millennials in their zany exploits (John Early).

Close Enough Season 3 - Everything You Should Know So Far in 2022

In addition to the regular cast, the programme boasts a long list of guest voice performers, including “Weird” Al Yankovic, David Hasselhoff, Jane Lynch, Keith David, Rachel Bloom, Nicole Byer, and Tom Kenny, to name a few. In the third season, expect a slew of new characters to appear, as each new episode introduces a fresh set of characters.

What happens in season three of Close Enough?

Each episode of a traditional sitcom has its own distinct plot thread, with little in the way of a season-long storey arc. Instead, one of the main characters frequently has a crisis, which is usually tied to growing up, having a child, navigating new relationships, and other issues that today’s millennials can relate to. These everyday problems are then thrown for a loop when they take an unexpected turn into the bizarre, with twists that are frequently science fiction or fantasy in nature.

Close Enough Season 3 - Everything You Should Know So Far in 2022
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Season 3 is likely to follow the same format, with endings that convey words of wisdom to the audience, such as the importance of setting your phone down every now and then. Some episodes, on the other hand, are just amusing parodies of films such as Die Hard and Goodfellas. HBO Max, we’re guessing, will let creator J.G. Quintel keep making this ridiculous animation as long as he wants to.

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