Disenchantment Season 4 - Latest Update on Release Date, Cast, and Plot

Matt Groening has always made fun of himself. The Simpsons has made fun of suburban living, nuclear families, and society in general in the past. Meanwhile, long before anyone had heard of Rick & Morty, Futurama dissected science fiction’s numerous tropes. Groening, on the other hand, never stopped once he left those two projects.

In 2018, he began a new series called Disenchantment, which is another another vicious parody in Groening’s signature style. Instead of sci-fi or suburbia, this picture aims to mock everything about the fantasy genre (following up where the Futurama film Bender’s Game left off). Disenchantment has already delivered three ten-episode seasons to viewers. Season 3 was released a few months ago. Fans are wondering when season 4 will premiere and what will happen to their favourite characters after the show’s most recent conclusion.

When will season 4 of Disenchantment air?

The release date for Disenchantment season 4 has yet to be announced. The sitcom will have at least another ten episodes, according to Variety. In 2018, Netflix renewed the show for another 20 episodes. The second season’s production had already been approved by the streaming service.

While we don’t know a precise release date for Disenchantment, the release schedule for each season predicts that season 4 will arrive in 2022. Beginning in 2018, each season has been released approximately one year apart. With the exception of a brief pause in 2020 (perhaps owing to COVID-19), Disenchantment has remained on track. Fans will have to wait until 2021 to see more of Bean, Luci, and Elfo, it appears.

Who will make up the cast?

Many of Disenchantment’s cast members are expected to return for season 4. The previous season ended on a bit of a cliffhanger for the major protagonists, so fans may expect to see Bean (Abbi Jacobson), Elfo (Nat Faxon), and Luci (James Marsters) at the very least (Eric Andre). Similarly, King Zg (John DiMaggio) and Queen Dagmar (Sharon Horgan) played crucial parts in the events leading up to the season 3 finale, and fans should expect to see them again.

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Netflix and Disenchantment’s creators have yet to make any additional casting announcements. Fans who are hoping to discover more about new or returning side characters will have to wait a little longer. They may not find out about the show’s new voices until season 4, if it hasn’t already been published. Another key aspect of the show is the same way.

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Season 4 will be about what?

There have been no statements regarding Season 4’s story, except from the eventual release date and actors. There are no guarantees based on the loose ends left by the season 3 finale. Bean and Luci, the main characters, were sent to one of the two afterlives the last time we saw them (though, only one via the traditional method). Meanwhile, a gang of ogres kidnapped Elfo after he blinded their prince.

The protagonists are in serious trouble, and their futures are uncertain. In some ways, this contributes to the series’ tension by limiting the amount of information available. During this season’s changeover, fans will be on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

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Fortunately, fans can look forward to season 4 with confidence. As previously announced, Netflix has additional ten episodes planned (and most likely in production), so viewers can expect answers to some of their questions. They might expect to be in anticipation until that time comes.

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