Levi Ackerman in Season 4 - Current Updates on Release Date, Plot, and Cast in 2022

Attack on Titan supporters was ecstatic when the final season was announced (thanks to its outstanding first three seasons). The third season came to a close with the discovery of the world beyond the walls and the Titans’ true nature. Isayama Hajime’s Attack on Titan manga has evolved into a truly outstanding work of art. The manga is coming to a close after 12 years. Hajime said the manga will be finished by the middle of 2021. With each chapter, the manga introduces new story twists that have fans on the edge of their seats waiting for the next installment.

Isayama’s manga has unquestionably become one of the most popular anime series in recent years. On December 7, 2020, the last season will premiere. Season 4’s first season is nearing its conclusion. The anime has left a dangerous cliffhanger for viewers with the 15th episode.

Levi Ackerman Scenes (Season 4 Part 1)

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The second course will not be released until later this year. The animation of the second half of Attack on Titan’s fourth season will most likely be handled by MAPPA once more.

A fan-favorite character is Levi Ackerman.

In the fourth episode of the first season, Levi Ackerman makes his debut. Levi is the most emotive character in the series, according to Isayama, despite his harsh exterior. Kenny Ackerman taught him how to fight while he was growing up in-wall Rose. Levi started off as a criminal, but after Erwin persuaded him to join the Survey Corps, he changed his mind. He’s taken out 89 titans thus far. He is the Levi Squad’s captain, and he places a great deal of faith in his team. He also has a great deal of respect for Erwin and would have obeyed his orders to the death if it had been necessary.

Levi, a member of the Ackerman family, possesses incredible power. He kills titans by himself, ruthlessly. Levi is a quick fighter with a lot of Titans fighting experience. Despite the terror that it had brought, he also defeats the Beast Titan.

Levi Ackerman in Season 4 - Current Updates on Release Date, Plot, and Cast in 2022

Levi is a tough soldier, but he’s also a ‘clean freak.’ He regularly commands his squad to clean the base, but he is rarely satisfied with their results. During battles, he also does not flinch when he comes into contact with dirt and blood. He is a member of a hidden club known as The Scout Regiment in the Attack on Titan chibi version.

In the Bessatsu Shnen Magazine’s Attack on Titan Third Character Popularity Poll, he was voted the second most popular character behind Erwin as of 2018.

In Season 4 of Attack on Titan, is Levi Ackerman dead?

On March 22, 2021, the fifteenth episode was released, and the question arose. This isn’t the first time Zeke and Levi have clashed, but it’s the first time fans are concerned about Levi Ackerman, their favorite character. Since the previous two episodes, this particular conflict has been raging (i.e., episodes 14 and 15). Levi impales Zeke with the Thunder Spear at the conclusion of episode 14. With Zeke’s death, Levi appears to be on the verge of avenging Erwin.

Levi Ackerman in Season 4 - Current Updates on Release Date, Plot, and Cast in 2022

So, did Levi make it through the blast or not?

Since the beginning of the anime, Levi has been a pivotal figure. Isayama seems unlikely to kill him, especially in such a humiliating manner. Erwin must still be avenged, and he may have to face Eren. As the series went on, Levi was gradually weakened. Killing him off, on the other hand, appears to be a major storyline change.

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We don’t have much information in the anime to say if he died or survived, but we do know that if he did, he would be severely injured. On March 22, 2021, the first half of the last season will conclude with its final episode. This season may come to a devastating conclusion, with one of our favorite characters dying. It might also finish with his survival, implying that the second cour will be positive.

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