The anime series “Lupin III” made its debut on October 24, 1971. The series starred Arsene Lupin III, a gentleman thief who went on illicit adventures with the expert swordsman Goemon, eagle eye sharpshooter Jingen, and the femme fatale Fujiko Mine — all while being followed by Interpol Officer Koichi Zengata.

Zengata typically failed in his task despite his persistence, while Lupin and his gang slipped away for more daring global exploits. Lupin has captivated audiences for decades, thanks to a slew of adaptations, including Hayao Miyazaki’s superb “Castle of Cagliostro.”

Lupin’s legacy is heavily influenced by a number of television anime shows. “Lupin III: Part V,” the most recent instalment, ended three years ago. The gentleman thief, on the other hand, would not miss his 50th-anniversary celebration. TMS Entertainment announced the series’ return to television with “Lupin III: Part VI” on Twitter to commemorate the event. Which colour jacket does Lupin wear this time?

LUPIN THE 3rd PART 6 | Don’t You Dare Call Jigen Old

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So far, this is what we know.

When will Lupin III: Part VI be available?

Thankfully, a release date has been set. “Lupin III: Part VI” will air in October 2021, according to the TMS Entertainment website, just in time for the series’ 60th anniversary. Although no precise date in October has been set, “Lupin III: Part VI” will be released during the fall anime season, which is already jam-packed with new and returning shows. Nonetheless, the series’ rich history should help it stand out.

Sentai Filmworks has purchased the North American home media and streaming rights to the upcoming series. Toonami on Adult Swim is a familiar western hideaway for the “Lupin III” series, as the block not only showed the first “Lupin” anime in the 1970s but also the more current “Part IV” and “Part V” instalments. “Parasyte: The Maxim” and “Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma” are two other Sentai Filmworks-licensed anime that has been shown on Toonami.

Lupin III: Part VI - Latest Update on Release Date, Cast, and Plot

Who is in Lupin III: Part VI’s ensemble cast?

The voice cast for “Lupin III: Part VI” has yet to be announced on the official website of the film. However, it’s probable that a lot of the voice talent from the most recent productions, such as the 2019 film “Lupin III: The First” and the past two anime television series, may return – particularly Arsene Lupin III’s renowned voice.

Since the 1995 film “Farewell To Nostradamus,” according to Anime News Network, Japanese comedian Kanichi Kurita has played Lupin III. It’s difficult to see him not returning as the titular character in the next anime series.

On the production side of the anime series, details are much more definite, and the core staff looks to have prior “Lupin III” experience. Eiji Suganuma, who directed the 2019 TV movie “Lupin III: Prison of the Past,” will direct the upcoming series, according to the official website. Hiroki Marufuji, Yuji Ohno, and Takahiro Ohkura, as well as character designer Hiroki Marufuji, music composer Yuji Ohno, and series composer Takahiro.

Lupin III: Part VI - Latest Update on Release Date, Cast, and Plot

Lupin III: Part VI has a plot.

The great burglar will square off against a legendary detective, according to Sentai Filmworks. Following the assassination of his lifelong partner, Dr Watson, Sherlock Holmes is after Lupin. Lupin is the main suspect and must establish his innocence. In addition, he must contend with The Raven, an evil organisation. The primary image in “Lupin III: Part VI” is designed to represent Lupin’s intricacy, according to the TMS site.

The image depicts Lupin’s head, but the sides of his face are different. While the right side of his face resembles the typical laid-back protagonist, the left side, which is obscured by shadows and features a piercing red eye, gives him a more evil appearance. Given that Lupin is suspected of murder, the image could represent how Holmes perceives the thief in the series and how others perceive him.

Lupin III: Part VI - Latest Update on Release Date, Cast, and Plot

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The tone of this anime, based on the trailer, appears to be more sombre. While most TV adaptations of “Lupin III” have a milder tone, some works such as “Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine” and Takeshi Koike’s trilogy of films have a significantly darker tone. This is more in line with the original Monkey Punch manga, which was heavier on sex and violence and featured more black humour than some of the TV series’ more zany moments. The clip gives our favourite gentleman thief a gloomy aspect, and we’re looking forward to seeing him in action this fall.

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