When most people hear the term Aladdin, they immediately think of Walt Disney’s classic portrayal of the Arabian prince. The character’s origins, on the other hand, maybe traced all the way back to 16th-century folk stories, which have inspired a variety of creators throughout history.

Stories about the youngster and his genie have even made their way into manga and anime, with the “Magi” franchise being the most well-known. The story follows Aladdin as he meets a genie and travels on various amazing adventures, similar to previous versions of the renowned classic. He’s accompanied by companions Alibaba and Morgiana, both of whom are based on characters from those ancient tales.

A “Magi” TV series was released in 2012 and broadcast till 2014. It was based on Shinobu Ohtaka’s manga of the same name.

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When will the third season of Magi be available?

The third season of “Magi” is set to debut in late 2021 or early 2022, however, it could debut sooner rather than later. Season 3 could debut as soon as October, according to The NU Herald. The COVID-19 pandemic may have caused obstacles in the release, and it’s still too early to know if real-life events may cause more delays. However, knowing that “Magi” will return to screens in the near future is something to look forward to, especially since many anime fans on Reddit believed the franchise’s on-screen adventures ended with the last season of “Magi: Adventure of Sinbad.”

Another cause for the delay could be the production’s ambitious scope. Season 3 of “Magi” has a larger budget to work with, according to the NU Herald story, implying that the makers have been taking their time to ensure that the series delivers in terms of breadth and scale.

Magi Season 3 - Updates on Release Date, Cast, and Plot in 2022

What characters will appear in the future season of Magi?

The cast of “Magi” Season 3 has yet to be announced, although it’s reasonable to presume that the original voice actors will return. Fans will be hopeful that Kaori Ishihara, whose other credits include “Digimon Adventure tri.,” reprises her role as Aladdin from the previous editions. Ishihara has had a busy year so far, having voiced characters in “Combatants Will Be Dispatched,” “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid,” Black Clover,” and “Higehiro.” Hopefully, she’s allotted time for “Magi” in her schedule.

If Yûki Kaji, who played Alibaba in the series, returns, he will be a huge asset for the third season. Since the final “Magi” adventure, he’s been in “Attack on Titan,” “Psycho-Pass,” “Gantz:O,” “Weathering with You,” and a slew of other anime series and films.

Magi Season 3 - Updates on Release Date, Cast, and Plot in 2022

Last time out, Haruka Tomatsu, who played Morgiana, completed the main cast. She’s had a big 2021, with roles in series like “Horimiya” and “Peach Boy Riverside,” but she’s bound to have unfinished business in the “Magi” realm. It’s unclear whether the old group will return, but there’s been no indication that they won’t.

What is the story of Magi Season 3?

At the time of writing, little is known about the plot of “Magi” Season 3, but it will most likely continue Aladdin’s trip around the world, encountering a variety of friends and opponents. The series is first and foremost about adventure, and the third installment is sure to deliver plenty of it. At the time of writing, Studio A-1 Pictures has not offered any big updates, but fans may certainly expect a more mature storyline as the series has progressed.

Magi Season 3 - Updates on Release Date, Cast, and Plot in 2022
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The second season tackled subjects including war, political machinations, and societal deprivation, resulting in more ethically complex plot arcs. With the characters appearing to be older and wiser in the upcoming episode, the show will be able to take greater risks.

Several stories from the “1001 Arabian Nights” collection, which originally highlighted Aladdin’s exploits, were also used in prior seasons. Season 3 will almost certainly follow this trend, as there are still plenty of ideas to be gleaned from the source material and applied to an exciting adventure-themed anime like “Magi.”

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