The Daily Life of the Immortal King Season 2 - All You Should Know

Is there going to be a second season of The Daily Life Of The Immortal King? Although Chinese anime isn’t particularly well-known in the anime world, this series manages to keep its viewers engaged. We’ll go through every detail of the anime today. Discuss whether or not the show will be renewed for a second season. If so, when will it be broadcast to a worldwide audience?

There are a lot of questions, but this essay will address them all. But first, we’d like to warn our readers that this post includes minor spoilers from Season 1 of The Daily Life Of Immortal King. So, if you haven’t seen the season yet or don’t want to be spoiled, skip this article and instead read one of our spoiler-free articles, which are easily accessible on our website. Let’s get started after a little warning.

Let’s start with a definition of what anime is. The Daily Life Of Immortal King, also known in China as Xian Wang de Richang Shenghuo, is a Chinese animated television series produced by Will Bilibili Inc, a well-known Shanghai studio.

The daily life of the immortal king season 2 episode 5

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The first season, which had 15 episodes of 18 minutes each, began on January 18, 2020. Comedy, adventure, and a slice of life were all themes of the anime. Kuxuan is the author and illustrator. As a result, we now have a fair understanding of anime. We’re ready to move on to our primary topic at this point.

Release Date For Season 2 Of The Immortal King

The Daily Life Of Immortal King aired in January 2020 and consisted of 15 episodes, as previously mentioned. Fans, on the other hand, had high hopes for the finale but were severely disappointed. However, the anime as a whole was fairly good, garnering positive reviews on IMDB and other sites. To fill in the gaps in the finale and plotline, the production house opted to develop a second season that picks up where the first season left off. Bilibili studios announced the next season of The Daily Life Of Immortal King in November 2020 but did not specify when it will premiere. As a result, we’ll have to wait a bit longer for additional information about the new season.

The Daily Life of the Immortal King Season 2 - All You Should Know

In my opinion, the new season will premiere in late 2022 or early 2023. Any anime will announce its release date to pique viewers’ interest, so expect them to do so first, followed by the release of the anime. Season 2 was teased in a program, however, the production company has yet to produce an official teaser. As a result, we’ll have to hold our breath for the trailer. It’s possible that the release date and trailer will be announced at the same time. We’ll definitely update this post if we learn of any more crucial information about this anime. Simply bookmark the URL to keep track of this post.

What Happened During Season One, and Why Did Wang’s Eyes Turn Green?

Wang Ling, the anime’s main protagonist, possesses vast uncontrollable strength and wishes to live a quiet existence. He’d like to be free of his abilities. To appear normal, he sometimes hides his abilities from other kids. To keep his powers hidden, he avoids making contact and forming connections with others. However, as time went on, concealing his abilities became increasingly difficult.

The Daily Life of the Immortal King Season 2 - All You Should Know

Despite the fact that he had some kind pals, he eventually fell in love with Sun Rong. Ling tries everything he can to save her, and he frequently alters reality to be with her. When Wong learns of this, she refuses to help, and the two are split up and forced to live in separate worlds. They accept their fate and go on with their lives as a result.

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Ling defeated the old driver, as we have seen. He lost all of his memories and powers after that occurrence, and he reverted to being a normal human. His eyes began to turn green as a result of this. Eyes in this anime’s universe represent an individual’s amount of strength. Power is symbolized by red eyes, whereas helplessness is symbolized by green eyes.

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