The Ending Of Beastars Season 2 - EXPLAINED!

One of Netflix’s many anime offerings, “Beastars,” is among the most distinctive. “Beastars” follows Legoshi, a grey wolf who must fight against his impulses in order to defend people who are weaker than him. The story takes place in a world where anthropomorphic carnivores and herbivores coexist. A red deer called Louis, meantime is compelled to make significant sacrifices in order to seize control of the Black Market, which has ruled his life since he was a youngster.

The 2016 release of the same-named manga by Paru Itagaki served as the inspiration for the Netflix anime. Itagaki attributes the development of “Beastars” to Disney and her infatuation with Scar, the villain from “The Lion King,” in an interview with Otaquest from 2020. The anime adaptation had its Japanese premiere in October 2019, and it was made available globally on Netflix in 2020 (according to What’s On Netflix).

A Happy Ending | BEASTARS Season 2 Episode 12

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“Beastars” season two is equally startling as season one. In the series’ last episode, Legoshi squares battle against Riz, the carnivore that killed Tem before the show began. In addition, Louis leaves the Shishigumi, goes in search of Legoshi, and gives the latter his leg. Legoshi accepts and grows more resilient. With this power, he can battle and beat Riz. Every minute of the last season, especially the conclusion, reveals something new about the characters and moves them to a different place.

Legoshi gains confidence in his gut feelings.

Legoshi trains with Gohin throughout the whole season, putting him through incredibly demanding (and frequently horrific) activities. In addition to the physical exhaustion of training, Legoshi’s mind is continuously overloaded as he struggles against his actual nature while being surrounded by slabs of flesh. When he is able to refrain from consuming the meat, he gets closer to realizing his goal of living more like the herbivores. Furthermore, Legoshi buries the flesh. He commemorates the herbivores sold to the Black Market doing so.

The Ending Of Beastars Season 2 - EXPLAINED!

Given everything that Legoshi through in Season 2, it is startling to see him eat Louis’s leg in the season finale. It does not imply, nevertheless, that he has regressed. In actuality, the scenario represents Legoshi’s tremendous strength and his love of herbivores. By doing this, he is able to connect with Louis, get the better of Riz, and put an end to the murder of Tem. He discovers very soon that following his instincts does not make him a terrible person. Instead, it elevates his great character. He just consumes what he requires in order to act morally. As a result, he develops a closer bond with herbivores and is more motivated to defend and uphold them.

Louis eludes his fate

In the “Beastars” Season 2 conclusion, it is unexpected to see Louis, a herbivore, offer himself to Legoshi. The evolution of Louis and the grey wolf are both impacted by this action, though.

Louis, as viewers are aware, was brandished at birth. He is going to be murdered, sold on the black market, and finally become one of the meats Legoshi buries. He makes repeated attempts to establish control over his life. He tries to become a carnivore by joining the Shishigumi and eating meat in spite of his body rejecting it. He is untouchable because of his position of authority, albeit maintaining it is risky and challenging.

The Ending Of Beastars Season 2 - EXPLAINED!

Despite his best efforts, Louis cannot completely transform his life until he aids Legoshi. The fact that his leg has the mark that predicts his destiny is significant. Louis is constantly reminded of his horrific destiny by the number four on the bottom of his foot. Louis entirely rejects his fate by eliminating that number from his body, which Legoshi then consumes. He has at last escaped from the Black Market and all of its components, and he is now free to live his life as he pleases.

Riz recognizes Tem’s actual character in their connection.

“Beastars” has never shied away from depicting the rules that the animalistic society imposes on its carnivorous citizens. This is seen in Season 1 when carnivores are only permitted to consume synthetic meat in place of real meat. With the help of Riz, a character who is required to take medicine to stifle his baser inclinations, these regulations are further examined. Although it works, Riz is left with excruciating headaches.

Riz quits taking his medication when he meets and befriends Tem. The alpaca bolts when he tells Tem what he has done. Riz tracks him down and eats him after becoming overpowered by his impulses. He goes to great lengths to romanticize the episode as he attempts to make sense of what he did. He claims that Tem gave himself up and that as a result, they had the best possible bonding experience.

The Ending Of Beastars Season 2 - EXPLAINED!

When Riz discovers that Legoshi and Louis can get closer without the deer dying, he understands that what happened to Tem was not an act of love. He no longer has a rose-tinted view of Tem after admitting this. Despite their friendship and love for one another, Riz’s actions remain unaffected. Finally, he is free to mourn his buddy without attempting to explain how things turned out. He regrets not thanking him for his influence on Tem’s life.

What is next for the Beastars?

Viewers must be curious about what will transpire in “Beastars” Season 3 given what happened in Season 2 of the show. Although the manga has proceeded past the point where Season 2 concludes (which implies readers are aware of the story’s future events), it shouldn’t stop anime viewers from guessing.

Despite his training, Legoshi could still struggle to suppress his inclinations. He might be able to go on and find strength without always eating meat, though, by thinking back to what occurred with Louis. This will support him while he is struggling, especially when he is near Haru. He could even be able to pursue a romance with her without hesitation or worry as their bond grows deeper.

The Ending Of Beastars Season 2 - EXPLAINED!

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Louis, who had a tattooed foot, now has the entire world in front of him. He is permitted to go back to school and reapply for the Beastar rank. Now that he is not tied to the Black Market, he might even be able to consider his relationships. Louis has the opportunity to mature and lead the life that an adolescent ought to.