The Marvel Cinematic Universe demonstrated that a man can fly (as long as he’s wearing a robotic suit of high-tech armour or is a real god), and the steady weaving of numerous superheroes into a unified universe has been incredible. But who is the most remarkable of Marvel’s primary super-big teams and amazing superheroes?

To answer the question, we’ve ranked the Avengers’ most powerful members from weakest to strongest. To qualify, we included all of the heroes from the Avengers films, as well as characters who appeared on Iron Man or Captain America’s team in Captain America: Civil War, both because they’ve all been Avengers at one point or another in the comics and because part of the fun was the two heroes putting together their own team of Avengers. Continue reading to find out who wins!

Top 10 Most Powerful Avengers

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Let’s start with the team’s clear loser, Clint Barton, a.k.a. Hawkeye, of the Avengers. While the Hawkeye of the comics has a devoted cult following thanks to David Aja and Matt Fraction’s stripped-down formalist run on his solo title, none of those attributes can be seen in the MCU’s Hawkeye. He’s technically a super-spy on par with Black Widow, but his defining moments in the movies include him deciding not to stop Thor from getting his magic hammer (Thor), being mind-controlled by Loki (Avengers), and almost being shot to death (Avengers: Age of Ultron), being taken out by Black Panther in an airport brawl (Captain America: Civil War), and changing his alter ego to Ronin when he goes off on his own for

A charming loser who continues stumbling his way through deadly circumstances has a certain allure, but we’re not giving Hawkeye any bonus points for his depressed disposition. Hawkeye is undoubtedly the team’s lowest-ranking member, at least until they face a supervillain whose main weakness is arrows.


Quicksilver, Magneto’s white-haired on-again/off-again kid, appeared in two films in the same year, believe it or not (X-Men: Days of Future Past and Avengers: Age of Ultron). It’s hard to believe, given his dreadful performance in Ultron, which has pushed him to the Hawkeye tier of our ranking.

His superhuman speed would appear to put him higher on a ranking of the MCU’s most strong heroes, but he was killed by Ultron’s machine guns. It’s humiliating to die as a result of ordinary gunshots, especially if you’re a superhero with abilities. Superman is recognised for being quicker than a speeding bullet, but Quicksilver isn’t, thus his “super” speed isn’t all that amazing.


Mantis, the human/insect hybrid Ego captured in her larval condition and brought to his house, is only now beginning to fully realise her potential. Although she and her other Guardians of the Galaxy almost destroyed Thanos by using her super-empathy to put him to sleep, her super-empathy is rarely used as an offensive weapon. Thanos’ power levels are evident because she was able to keep Ego (a Celestial!) asleep for a few minutes. Unlike Thanos, Ego, of course, was a consenting victim.

With a single touch, Mantis can read and change emotions. As she touched an unconscious Thor when the Guardians rescued him and learnt of his suffering, this is a vital talent in helping to comprehend the motives of others. Her lack of life experience, on the other hand, has rendered her incredibly innocent, making her vulnerable to pranks. In delicate settings, her bluntness might be a liability because she almost always expresses exactly what she’s thinking.

When the Hulk reversed Thanos’ snap, Mantis and the rest of the Guardians were reunited with the Avengers during the Battle of Earth. As a result, she’s more of an honorary Avenger than a regular Avenger, yet she battled with them. Mantis can fight and is exceedingly difficult to harm, but she isn’t in the same league as the other characters on our list when it comes to fighting prowess.


Peter Quill’s father was Ego the Celestial, which gave him a level of power he didn’t even realise he possessed. Years of terrifying training at the hands of his surrogate father Yondu helped sharpen his senses, but his success as a pirate was largely down to his sheer guts and a little luck. When Peter was a boy, he had a knack for slipping into small areas, which needed boldness and the ability to act on instinct rather than rational reasoning.

Peter never fully matured, leading a teenage life as a pirate until he met the Guardians of the Galaxy. His greatest deed as a hero was his ability to control the Power Stone and aid in the destruction of Ronan the Accuser, which informed Ego and others that he was more than he appeared.

When they destroyed the core of the planet that comprised Ego’s essence, however, his ability to harness energy like his father vanished. He’s basically been a person with an Element Gun ever since. He’s a rambunctious brawler who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty. Whether he’s exhibiting his own fears around Rocket and Thor or attempting to impress Gamora, he acts like an idiot most of the time. He can occasionally come up with a decent strategy, such as the one that came close to defeating Thanos, but he’s also the one who botched the execution.


The fact that Black Widow is so far down the list isn’t a source of embarrassment for her. In a universe full of gods, machines, magic, and aliens, Black Widow’s inclusion in the Avengers lineup is no small feat. She’s super-spy like Hawkeye, but unlike Barton, she understands better than to employ an antiquated weapon against which humanity has been building defences for thousands of years. She also gets bonus points for appearing in so many Marvel films — and, of course, for making the ultimate sacrifice in Avengers: Endgame’s last confrontation with Thanos. Even if real onscreen examples of her greatness haven’t been as consistent as some of her classmates, there has to be a reason why Iron Man, Nick Fury, and Captain America depend so heavily on her.


The leader of the Dora Milaje is the highest-ranking Avenger without superpowers or a supersuit. Okoye is a great military leader with sophisticated Wakandan technology at his disposal. When Killmonger usurped T’Challa’s reign, she was courageous enough to stand up to her and her companion W’Kabi. She was a terrific leader because she understood the difference between obeying orders and doing the right thing.

As an Avenger, Okoye was instrumental in preserving the peace during T’Challa and Shuri’s five-year absence following Thanos’ “snap.” Wakanda was in constant long-distance contact with the crew since it was hinted that Wakanda was instrumental in the disaster’s rescue and relief efforts.

While her leadership and the fact that she commands a tiny army of soldiers contribute to her strength, she is also a fierce combatant. She can fight with or without a weapon, but her spear is particularly dangerous. She was as at ease fighting extraterrestrial creatures and the deadly Proxima Midnight as she was a highly competent mercenary. Her vibranium spear is light, collapsible, and capable of absorbing a great deal of harm while also being able to create electric shocks and interface with electronic networks. She can take on almost any adversary with her hands. When Thanos gained all six Infinity Stones, she confronted him without fear.


Shuri is barely out of her teens when we meet her in Black Panther, but she’s already one of the MCU’s most powerful thinkers — and, as she’s proven on several occasions, she’s also prepared to get her hands dirty with superpowered bad guys when necessary. Unfortunately, her apparent lack of combat experience — and her dependence on technology to level the playing field — may make her an easy target, as Corvus Glaive discovered when he broke into her lab and sabotaged her attempt to securely extract the Mind Stone from Vision before Thanos could grab it.

Shuri’s lack of physical prowess keeps her from rising higher in our power rankings, but she’s proven to be an invaluable member of the team, and with the resources that come with being a member of the Wakandan royal family at her disposal, there are few things she can’t achieve with her impressive intellect. After her brother T’Challa provided the brainwashed assassin sanctuary, it was Shuri who oversaw the (ultimately successful) attempts to wipe out Bucky Barnes’ Winter Soldier programming. What she does in Marvel’s post-Endgame reality is unknown, but it will definitely be stunning.


If this list were ranked just on the basis of charm and the quality of the supporting cast, Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang would easily rank near the top. We’re judging on pure power, and Ant-abilities Man’s don’t quite measure up. With the continual reminder of the enormity of Ant-Man and Yellowjacket’s final struggle, there’s a reason why the film’s conclusion aims for easy chuckles.

To be fair to the repentant con artist, he did grow to a large size in Captain America: Civil War, and he did it again in Ant-Man and the Wasp and Avengers: Endgame, but no one ever grows to a massive size to win a battle. Call it a side effect of our infatuation with David and Goliath stories, but the only time a character grows in size is when he or she is pushed over like an AT-AT Walker on Hoth. On this list, though, true superpowered technology wins out quick-dying quasi-mutants and super-spies, and there’s no denying that Lang’s unintentional trip to the Quantum Realm was the catalyst for the team’s successful mission to undo Thanos’ snap.


Which rules do you know? Flying. What regulations do you think are more important? Flying about on incredible metal wings while attempting to free the world from fascism alongside your closest friend Captain America. Sam Wilson possesses all of the skills that come with years of experience as a pararescue airman, as well as the most cutting-edge technology that isn’t branded with the Stark logo. Captain America relies on him to keep an eye on him for a reason.

The MCU Falcon’s sole flaw is that they chose to replace his beloved Redwing with a robotic drone replica of his comic book counterpart. Sure, talking to birds like some sort of high-flying Aquaman isn’t the most impressive ability, but we’re approaching the superpowered end of the spectrum, so he’d need something to push him up the list. Plus, if we’re being objective, he actually lost to the following Avenger.

Soldier of the Season

Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes, a.k.a. the Winter Soldier, may appear to be an adolescent trying to figure out who he is at Hot Topic, but he is a powerful force. He’s been tortured and mind-controlled by HYDRA, and he’s gone on so many covert assassination missions that his name is a super-spy legend. The Winter Soldier is a serious menace, with a super-strong and super-flexible metal arm capable of punching a hole through concrete and a variation of Captain America’s Super Soldier Serum.

We’ve also seen him battle a big percentage of the Avengers owing to his prominent role in two distinct Captain America films, so his inclusion on this list is rather straightforward. Consider playing rock, paper, scissors with someone who has a metal arm. Since’s frightening, and now that he’s teaming up with the Falcon, who in the post-Endgame MCU is wearing Captain America’s shield, he’s even more so.

Wasps are a kind of insect that stings

Hope Van Dyne was ready to become a superhero after receiving the improved Wasp suit after a lifetime of training and education with her father, Dr Henry Pym. She had extensive martial arts and gymnastics training, which she incorporated into her fighting technique. She’s a technological wizard and an expert engineer on par with her parents. She’s a cunning and calm fighter.

The Wasp suit grants her all of Ant-abilities Man’s plus some (excluding super-growth). She has the ability to call out commandants. She has the ability to shrink and expand swiftly, which she employs in her combat. Because her bulk is compacted, her strength and durability are amplified when she’s little. As her “sting,” she possesses strong wrist blasters that deliver a punch and wings that allow her to fly on her own. Before she confronted Thanos, they had been enhanced, and they were even able to knock him back.

Her inexperience and the lack of protection provided by the costume are the Wasp’s weaknesses as a hero. Her suit lacks the overall power and durability of other armoured heroes. She makes up for it with her other abilities and combat prowess, but she’s still a step behind the MCU’s more experienced fighters and higher-powered heroes.


Tony Stark’s faults were cleaned up by Pepper Potts for years before he realised her true worth and appointed her to the position of CEO of Stark Industries. They fell in love in the process. Tony was able to expel the Extremis nanobyte solution from Pepper’s body during the events of Iron Man 3, when she was injected with it, giving her unstable superpowers. Simultaneously, he took a break from the superhero business.

Following Thanos’ “snap,” Tony and Pepper married and had a daughter called Morgan, but Tony couldn’t stop tinkering and developing armour. Prior to going up against Thanos, he developed a nanotech suit for himself in case he ever needed to defend his family, and he decided to build one for her as well. Mark XLIX was the codename for it, and Rescue was her codename for it.


In more ways than one, Drax the Destroyer is a Guardians of the Galaxy brick. Drax is super-strong, super-durable, and a speedy healer, thanks to his innate powers as a Kylosian. He’s also a vicious fighter who, despite his height, is remarkably swift and nimble, making him a frightening opponent in most one-on-one combat situations.

Drax’s difficulty is that he thinks in such a literal way that it’s simple to outsmart him. When slamming something as hard as he can doesn’t work, he doesn’t have a backup plan. When he faced Ronan, the Kree swiftly dispatched him, parrying his attacks and striking back mercilessly. In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, he took the method of jumping directly into the maw of the gigantic Abilisk.

His physical strength puts him ahead of the majority of the humans on the list, as well as some of the more highly armoured heroes, but his inability to think critically severely limits his usefulness.


Nebula, Thanos’ adoptive daughter and Gamora’s “sister,” is a deadly assassin who is equal parts mechanical and human at this point. She possesses superhuman strength, endurance, and speed, making her a formidable opponent. She can also regenerate and restore herself after being harmed, as well as fire energy blasts from her prosthetic arm. She’s a skilled pilot who can fly almost anything, a terrific shooter, and effectively a walking computer capable of processing massive quantities of data.

Her Achilles’ heel is her own nervousness over Gamora, whom she has never been able to vanquish as an adult. Thanos took Nebula back to the lab and tormented her by turning her into a cyborg every time Gamora defeated her in battle. To be fair, Nebula is a murderer, but she sacrificed Gamora’s ability to improvise and innovate as a combatant when she became so automated. In their encounters, Gamora was always able to think outside the box and figure out a method to win, and this is what led Nebula to defeat after defeat despite her superior physical might.

Nebula is still a formidable combatant, having turned sides, reconciled with her sister, and assisted in the defeat of Thanos. She’s just recently reclaimed a lot more of her humanity, but it’s evident from Avengers: Endgame that she’s still processing it. She’s a formidable opponent, but she’s still a step below Gamora in terms of strength.


Gamora shared the same upbringing as her “sister” Nebula, as well as a comparable (albeit less traumatic) set of cybernetic upgrades. She’s known as “the deadliest woman in the galaxy” in the comics, and she has an infamous past as one of Thanos’ most vicious assassins in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Naturally, she had always despised Thanos and had been discreetly plotting against him, waiting for the appropriate moment to betray him.

Gamora can match anybody in one-on-one battles because of her improved strength, speed, agility, and durability. Drax did manage to gain the upper hand on her in prison, nearly killing her with his brute power, but Gamora was fatigued and dejected at the time. Gamora is a far more effective and cunning combatant than Drax in a regular fighting situation. Gamora delivered the last strike on the Abilisk during the Guardians’ struggle with it.

Gamora is an ace pilot and a master of unarmed fighting, in addition to her ability to handle any weapon with great skill (albeit she favours a blade). She’s also a fantastic improviser, as she demonstrated when she tried to catch Peter Quill and used her charm to disarm him.


Groot may have a limited language, but he’s a brutal warrior who’s nearly tough to kill. His plant nature allows him to grow and re-grow limbs swiftly, and use them as weapons or helpful things, in addition to superhuman strength and durability. For example, he was able to create a handle for Thor’s new weapon Stormbreaker, allowing Thor to have a significant effect in Avengers: Infinity War’s struggle against Thanos.

Groot’s ability to develop spiky limbs allows him to murder numerous adversaries at once while grinning. While his vocabulary may appear limited, he is a skilled warrior who not only understands how to improvise but is also passionately protective of his companions. As the Guardians of the Galaxy plummeted from a wrecked spaceship, he formed a branch shield around them, saving them. He died in the crash, while the rest of the squad was saved. Of course, he may be “reborn” using a cutting that was planted, although as a baby.


Rocket’s ability to devise new methods just adds to his already tremendous ingenuity. In battle, he can endure a lot of harm and, if required, deal it out with his claws and fangs. He isn’t invincible, and he isn’t well-suited to one-on-one fighting like Gamora or Drax. His skill set (he’s the Guardians’ greatest pilot) puts him ahead of the pack as the team’s most powerful member. His unapproachable nature, in addition to his physical limitations, places him behind the other heroes on the list. His proclivity for alienating everyone around him keeps him from becoming a prospective leader and makes him a loose cannon.

Weapons of War

It’s said that having friends in high places may help you acquire a job or lend you money. Being best buddies with Tony Stark means getting a customised version of high-tech armour with enough weapons and missiles to ignite a mini-war for James “Rhodey” Rhodes.

As War Machine, Rhodey possesses all of the explosive offensive of early Iron Man armours, as well as the rigorous approach of a U.S. Army pilot, allowing him to walk around in a wearable fighter plane. Bucky may be a superb assassin with a mechanical arm, but when you’re wearing a mobile armoury capable of firing a missile from 1000 feet away, it’s difficult to envision him defeating War Machine.


Spider-Man is a late but powerful addition to the MCU, smart, superpowered, and equipped with Stark tech. In his ordinary life as Peter Parker, his youth and experience may cause him problems, but his spidery alter ego is a force to be reckoned with. He can cripple the Winter Soldier and Falcon, knock down a Gi(Ant) Man, and even keep up with Captain America in his debut appearance in the MCU, Captain America: Civil War. For a child superhero, that’s an impressive performance.


Doctor Strange was trained by Wong, a Master of the Mystic Arts. His job was to protect the Ancient One’s library’s books of wisdom and different artefacts, such as the Eye of Agamotto. This included the Time Stone, which Wong was well aware of because one of his goals was to keep track of the Infinity Stones.

Wong’s ability to construct gateways, shields, and illusions is due to his understanding of magic. When the Hong Kong Sanctum was attacked by Kaecilius, the Ancient One’s former student, he utilised the formidable Wand of Watoomb to protect it. Doctor Strange utilised the Temporal Stone to change the course of the conflict before outwitting Dormammu by creating a time loop with him.

Captain America is a fictional character created by Marvel Comic

We’re not just talking about actor Chris Evans when we say Captain America is the total deal. Steve Rogers possesses superhuman abilities, combat prowess, and the MCU’s only indestructible vibranium shield (until adamantium shows up). Furthermore, if the sheer charm is included as a superpower, Cap gains another edge that propels him into the elite echelon of the Avengers.

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He’s easily defeated practically every character on this list onscreen, whether in fistfights (Spider-Man) or footraces (Falcon). Unfortunately, even when the battle took place in his own movie, he couldn’t defeat one opponent. Despite this, Cap went on to give his all against Thanos, even picking up and wielding Thor’s hammer after a draw with Iron Man. That’s some serious clout. Of course, Cap is now retired, his body no longer capable of warding off the ravages of time, but in his heyday, he was a true force to be reckoned with.