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Recently it was rumored that Apple is going to source some tech equipment from other companies and stop depending on Qualcomm. Given the bad blood between both the tech behemoths, the news was not even surprising to come across.

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After all, it was one of the reasons why the Cupertino-based tech giant opted for TSMC to source their chipset production in place of Samsung and also it was the reason behind the rumor that Apple is turning to LG for OLED panels.

However, now it appears that Apple is not going to ditch Qualcomm, after all; at least not anytime soon. As per a recent report by Fast Company, it is expected that the tech giant will keep sourcing components from Qualcomm for the upcoming iPhones in 2018. Reportedly, Apple will obtain 70% modem chips from Intel, whereas, the rest of the 30% will still come from Qualcomm.

Now, you may ask why not Intel is producing 100% of the chips. Well, the reason behind that is the tech firm will manufacture its own modem chips with the use of the 14nm process in 2018. Before that, Intel used TSMC to produce modem chips.

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Apparently, first, Apple wants to see whether or not Intel can fulfill the order of this year successfully before getting to work with them completely. However, according to Fast Company’s claims, the production is not going great as of now. Reportedly, Intel’s yield rates are not as good as what the firm had thought of.

However, currently, Intel believes that the firm will be able to solve the production issue before they kick the high gear in the coming June-July this year.


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