Apple Pay
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Apple has been kind of slow in rolling out its Apple Pay app. Considering the number of nations that Apple operates in across the world; the number of countries that do support Apple Pay seems to slim to even take the app seriously. However, Apple has been extending the app’s reach for quite some time now. At its recent earnings call, the company confirmed that now Apple Pay will be available in three new nations.

Apple Pay
Credit: Apple

The new countries, which will support Apple’s payments app, include Poland, Ukraine, and Norway. Previously these three contenders’ names were speculated and now it appears that it’s actually true. However, Apple has not mentioned the exact timeframe of the app’s launch in these three countries. According to Tim Cook, the CEO of the firm, the launch will take place within the next couple of months. So, the iOS users in these countries won’t have to wait too long now it seems.

Apple has been slow in rolling out Apple Pay mostly because it’s a financial service and so its operations are a lot more scrutinized than any other service. Also, there are many financial institutions and merchants that Apple has to negotiate with to get the app supported.



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