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Just use your voice and buy movie tickets, thanks to Google Assistant

Google Assistant helps users with a lot of tasks and now a new one is getting added to that list. It appears that Google’s...
augmented reality

Facebook brings augmented reality technology in Messenger

At this moment augmented reality (AR) has become quite a popular technology, as we have seen Apple, Google and the likes of them are...

WhatsApp Restrict Group feature comes to Android

Previously the admins the WhatsApp groups only enjoyed a few powers or controls over the members of those groups. However, now it appears that...

Netflix will bring more fantasy and sci-fi shows and movies

What is your favorite movie? What is the TV series that you like to watch the most? Well, the questions seem really difficult, as...

Belgium rules that having loot boxes in video games is against the law

Tin game loot boxes are still attracting raging debates all over the world. However, it appears that Belgium has reached a conclusion. The authorities...

One upcoming iPhone may support iPen, suggests analyst

Apple’s founder late Steve Job’s stance on stylus was pretty clear. In 2007, while introducing the iPhone at the Macworld convention, San Francisco, he...
Amazon Key

Amazon Key service delivers the package to your unattended cars

Amazon launched the new Amazon Key service just about six months ago. It allows the e-commerce company’s delivery staff to unlock a customer’s car’s...
OnePlus 6

Avengers-themed OnePlus 6 would burn a big hole in your pocket

Recently we came to know that Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus is currently working on the development of a unique edition of its upcoming smartphone...
music streaming

Music streaming is growing and at a much faster rate than expected

Recently we had reported that the demand for listening to music on vinyl is growing once again. However, that doesn’t mean that the demand...

Verizon, AT&T accused of trying to jeopardize eSIM technology

Lately, Cupertino-based tech giant Apple has started incorporating eSIM into its devices, like iPads. It means that the users, who require cellular connectivity on...

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