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Facebook Messenger for kids now has a ‘sleep mode’ for more parental control

Facebook is addictive, and it’s bad enough that we as adults spend an extended period on this social media platform there is this app...

Facebook will not give a dislike button, but it now has a downvote button

Facebook is in deep trouble these days as if the public disgruntlement due to the presence of fake news and controversial content on the...

Twitter says it sold public data to Cambridge Analytica researcher

The Cambridge Analytica row strikes again, and this time it’s the users of Twitter who are showing their outrage after news came that the...
3D Touch

Apple is apparently ditching the 3D Touch feature from the iPhone

Apple needs to be sure in their head if they are about to do, what the rumour says they are about to do. According...
digital assistant

The smartest digital assistant? Well, this is it

When it comes to digital assistants Google Assistant, Amazon's Alexa, Apple's Siri, and Cortana from Microsoft, these are the major ones. We all used...

Snapchat has launched the next version of Spectacles

Remember the Snapchat Spectacles that garnered a lot of buzz when it was introduced but quickly lost steam? Well, it appears that Snap Inc....
Elon Musk

Wait, what? Is Elon Musk building a cyborg dragon?

Elon Musk is this era’s favourite geek man-child. Other than being hugely successful in whatever he does, you know SpaceX, Tesla, Boring, Hyperloop, changing...
bug bounty

Uber plan to revise its bug bounty guidelines shows positive change and inclusion

Every major tech company out there has something called a bug bounty programme. Here those who find the vulnerabilities in the company’s offerings and...

Whatsapp, Instagram bring out data download tools

Instagram has now announced a tool equivalent to “Download Your Information” feature available on the parent company Facebook’s platform. This “Data Download” option can...

YouTube releases its deleted videos report

The first three-monthly “enforcement report” of the popular video sharing platform Youtube showed that the website had deleted whopping 8.3 million videos between the...

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