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Tin game loot boxes are still attracting raging debates all over the world. However, it appears that Belgium has reached a conclusion. The authorities in the country have ruled that loot boxes from now on will be loot considered illegal in Belgium.

The government of the nation had already spoken up about the loot boxes in video games. They had proposed to ban it because, in their opinion, loot boxes are nothing but one type of gambling.

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Now, it appears that the proposition has been made official in Belgium. The minister of justice in the country, Koen Greens has recently stated that in-game loot boxes breach the gaming legislation of the nation. So, the gaming companies that offer loot boxes in their video games could be subject to criminal punishment. They may have to shell out up to 800,000 euros in fines and they may also get slapped with jail time.

In order to settle on the fact that whether or not a video game’s loot boxes should be considered as one type of gambling, Belgium authorities looked at the games’ elements and also whether it led to profit or loss. They also looked into what the games are essentially based on – skill or chance.

Following the observation, several video games, such as Overwatch, CS:GO and FIFA 18, were found to be based on chance. So, at least, in terms of the loot boxes, these games will be subject to the gaming law of Belgium.

Interestingly, the gaming title Star Wars: Battlefront 2 was not made part of the investigation, as EA had suspended microtransactions at that time. As of now, it is not clear as to how the video game developers, like Activision Blizzard and Valve, will react to this. However, EA has already issued a statement. “We would welcome the dialogue with Minister Geens on these topics, as we do not agree that our games can be considered as any form of gambling,” reads the statement.


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