And then everything changes for the worst.

The “base” of Homelander (Antony Starr) adores the fact that he is not only alive and in control but is actively killing people at rallies in broad daylight. The death of Butcher (Karl Urban). One could enter the White House. And that’s only the very beginning!

9 Burning Questions for ‘The Boys’ Season 4!

Here are some things we’re thinking about as The Boys’ season finale approaches.

Season 4 of The Boys, Amazon Prime Studios, 2023

Is this Queen Maeve’s last act?

She ended Season 3 without her abilities, with the audience believing she had passed away and mourning her loss. Having said that, Homelander may find out that Ashley (Colby Minifie) is aware that she survived the blast. While Dominique McElligott’s character Maeve was fantastic, we kind of hope she won’t return. She had a satisfying finish to her tale, and it’s lovely to see someone on The Boys find happiness (of sorts). But Homelander’s intention to “collect her eggs” was never followed up on. Let’s hope he wasn’t successful.

9 Burning Questions for ‘The Boys’ Season 4!

Who Will Fill The Seven’s Open Positions?

Given that The Seven’s only surviving members are Homelander, Deep (Chace Crawford), and A-Train, there are several openings on the cast (Jessie T. Usher). Who will Vought hire to take on those positions? One may obviously go to Ryan (Cameron Covretti), who could play a supporting role for his father. However, who is going to fill the remaining roles? Although we don’t know for sure, we assume we won’t like them.

What is the limit of Homelander’s craziness?

Homelander kills someone in the climax in front of an applauding audience. The suggestion is that this will increase rather than decrease his polling scores. What will bring down the crazy super if killing someone in front of the people doesn’t? Would anything make his base turn against him? Ryan, who decided to stay with his father, is another person about whom we are concerned. There is a little chance things will go smoothly.

What role will Soldier Boy play in the situation?

We believe it is almost certain that we have not seen the last of Jensen Ackles on this program because he did not pass away in the season finale. Someone will come out of cryogenic slumber. nonetheless, who and why? Will he face up against his son again?

9 Burning Questions for ‘The Boys’ Season 4!

Who Was the mother of Homelander?

And speaking of Homelander’s parents, there is still a crucial uncertainty in this situation. After Season 3, we now know that Soldier Boy’s genetic DNA was used to make Homelander. But who, if anybody, was his “mother”? We’ll be wondering whether the Stormfront (Aya Cash) fan theories are accurate the entire break. The Boys is the only program that could possibly get insane enough to have someone meddle with their own mother.

Does Butcher Really Have to Pass Away?

Butcher’s brain and body were destroyed by the several dosages of V-24 he ingested, and he currently has up to 18 months to survive. Given that Butcher is one of the show’s most prominent characters, we doubt he will pass away in the upcoming season. So, the real question isn’t whether he survives or not, but rather, how he escapes from this. Would he be saved by taking Compound V? If he knew it would work, would he take it?

What will happen to Frenchie and Little Nina?

Little Nina’s (Katia Winter) plotline wasn’t adequately resolved in Season 3, so we anticipate that when Season 4 premieres, Frenchie (Tomer Capone) will still be dealing with his past. We predict it will be difficult for anybody to challenge him now that Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara) has reclaimed her powers.

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Has Stan Edgar reached the end of his days?

We anticipate that Neuman (Claudia Doumit), who is anticipated to play a significant part in Season 4, will also make a comeback. Stan Edgar (Giancarlo Esposito). He is the one The Boys would most likely turn to for assistance on how to stop Neuman before it’s too late because he knows her better than anybody. Will he survive long enough to provide them with any knowledge is the question.

Can Frenchie Attend Herogasm?

The fact that he missed it was “the worst misery of his life”!

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