Amanda Bynes And Paul Michael Were Arrested After She Made Shocking Claims

During a verbal altercation between Amanda Bynes and her fiancé Paul Michael, the cops were summoned to their home.

According to Us Weekly, the LAPD paid a visit to Bynes’ and Michael’s house on Thursday, April 28, after she claimed she had kicked him out. After his fiancée reported on social media that his purported behavior had begun to bother her, Michael, the caller, stayed until the cops arrived.

“Paul informed me that he had stopped taking his prescription drugs. When I looked at his phone, I saw that he was watching mom-and-son porn. He broke into his mother’s house and vandalized it. In since-deleted videos posted to Instagram Story on Thursday, the former child star said that “he broke all of her pictures and threw salmon under her bed.” “I’m terrified of what he’ll do because of his behavior.”

Bynes also claimed that Michael was concealing a “stash of crack cocaine” from her. “For the past six months, he’s been using.” He is in desperate need of assistance. “I ejected him from my residence.”

Amanda Bynes And Paul Michael Were Arrested After She Made Shocking Claims

Michael, on the other hand, stated on Instagram that he had no idea “what the f–k” his fiancée was talking about. Before deactivating his account, he said, “Y’all gotta stop saying your s–t.” “You folks have no idea what you’re talking about.”

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The Simple “I went to CVS, bought a drug test [and] Paul tested clean,” one actress wrote on Instagram hours later.

After Bynes addressed their ups and downs on social media, the pair were seen piling on the PDA the next day. The disturbing allegations come less than a month after Bynes’ conservatorship was lifted.

In August 2013, the All That alum was placed under a temporary conservatorship due to mental health and substance misuse problems. Amanda’s mother, Lynn Bynes, was named conservator of her health and personal affairs a year later. Following that, paperwork was filed to extend the conservatorship until August 2020.

Amanda, who disclosed her relationship with Michael in February 2020 while still under conservatorship, has previously spoken out about her mental health difficulties. “I just didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life.” I’d spent my entire life working and suddenly I was doing nothing. “I had a lot of free time, so I’d ‘wake and bake,’ essentially being stoned all day,” she told Paper Magazine in 2018. “I was hanging out with a seedier bunch, and I was isolating myself a lot…” I grew engrossed in my drug use, and it turned into a really dark, miserable world for me.”

Amanda Bynes And Paul Michael Were Arrested After She Made Shocking Claims

Amanda petitioned to dissolve her conservatorship five months after a judge evaluated reports on her health status, according to Us. After Lynn, 76, filed a statement of support, a judge ended Amanda’s adult guardianship one month later.

A source told Us exclusively earlier this month that the actress has been “doing well” despite the significant life upheaval. “She eats healthily, exercises regularly, and keeps herself occupied with a variety of projects,” the source claimed. “Amanda keeps herself occupied by volunteering at various rehabilitation institutions. She’s a firm believer in giving back, and she was deeply moved and appreciative for the unselfish assistance she received — and continues to get — during her sober journey.”

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According to the source, As she prepared for the next chapter of her life, Bynes and Michael were “dedicated” to one another. “She swears he’s the man she’s looking for.” “In her eyes, he’s the love of her life and the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with,” the insider continued.

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