A recent story claims that Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael have called off their engagement. But the couple does continue to be together.

The couple called off their engagement “sometime in 2021,” a source told Entertainment Tonight on Friday. “They are still together as a relationship, but they have placed a halt on their engagement and wedding preparations.”

“They realized they might have moved too hastily but they still love each other and are still dedicated to one another after going through ups and downs together and separately.”

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The 36-year-old “Easy A” actress announced her engagement to Michael, whom she met in a sober living facility, on Valentine’s Day 2020 and displayed a sizable engagement ring at the time on Instagram. Although it was stated that the pair split up the next month, Michael subsequently claimed to Page Six that they never actually did, and that still seems to be the truth.

“[Bynes and Michael] are still together and take their commitment to one another very seriously,” the insider told ET. “They wear rings today to demonstrate their fidelity to one another and as a reminder of their shared growth and learning, but the rings aren’t everything to them.”

As they negotiate their relationship, the duo is also concerned with their own personal development.


“Amanda looks fantastic and has through a number of trying and important situations that have helped to shape who she is as a wonderful lady. The insider stated, “She is sober, killing it, and doing better than ever. After ten years in the healthcare industry, Paul is now successfully enrolled in law school.

Our request for a reply from Bynes’ counsel was not immediately answered.

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