American DJ Peter Rosenberg's Married Relationship With Wife Alexa Rosenberg and His Past Affairs

The American DJ won the hearts of several young ladies all around the world, but after getting married to the love of his life, he broke their hearts.

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Who is Peter Rosenberg’s wife? is still a common question. Let’s look at Peter Robertson’s marital status as well as his WWE debut.

Personal Life of American DJ Peter Rosenberg

For more than eight years, Hot 97/ESPN presenter Alexa Datt, his longtime girlfriend who became his wife, and he have been enjoying a happy marriage. The famous couple has been wed for more than ten years, yet they have never had kids. They were happily married for many years before divorcing despite not having any children and having a demanding work schedule.

The Married and Divorced Life of Peter Rosenberg

Peter Rosenberg, an American professional DJ, has been wed to his spouse for more than seven years. So, on an undisclosed day, the Jewish-born TV star made his way down the aisle with Alexa Rosenberg, his longtime girlfriend who is now his wife.

Right after cupid took their relationship to the next level, Peter’s ex-wife changed her last name. Alexa and the WWE host originally met at Maryland University. Their perfect wedding ceremony was placed on a beach near Bayville after a seven-year relationship.

In reality, on September 2, 2012, Peter and Alexa, a sports journalist who works for, got married after spending precious time together. Despite living together as a couple for almost ten years, the Rosenbergs never had any children together. The happy couple owns two dogs and is a devoted animal lover.

In front of their family and friends, the couple exchanged vows in a simple wedding ceremony. Despite all, the couple’s wedding’s secretive details remain a mystery. Peter and her boyfriend were residing in Manhattan’s Upper West side as of the end of 2019.

Instead of getting busy at work, either party would prefer to spend time together and go on an adventure. The American DJ Rosenberg maintains secrecy about his personal life despite being discreet in his professional life. He is very aware of their private connection since he never talks negatively about his ex-wife.

Whatever the case, the erstwhile charming couple lived in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, New York, where they had a happy marriage and two adorable dogs. However, until 2018, there were no issues or extramarital relationships that interfered with their wonderful romance.

Well, Rosenberg and his ex-wife Alexa Datt made it known that they were officially divorcing in 2018. In actuality, Peter and Alexa’s divorce was finalized in the same year.

Only in 2021 did Peter discuss his divorce from Kyrie Irving, when he admitted how difficult it was for him. Additionally, Rosenberg had to be consoled by his brother during the Ebro at the time since he was sobbing throughout the commercial breaks.

Both Peter and Alexa have gotten over their divorce since it occurred. While Alexa became engaged to a different guy, Peter has been seeing a photographer by the name of Mishattan.

The WWE Career of Peter Rosenberg

Late in 2016, Peter Rosenberg, an American DJ, and TV broadcaster made his WWE debut. As a longtime fan who has always dreamed of appearing in the WWE, Peter couldn’t be happier when his dreams come true.

In December 2016, Peter made his formal panel appearance with Renee Young and Booker T. According to some accounts, Peter joined the WWE the day before the TLC pay-per-view (PPV).

Fans of WWE, however, chastised Peter for his viewpoints. The seasoned ESPN presenter introduced Rosenberg as a WWE panelist while he was doing so.

The majority of WWE fans were already familiar with him because of his varied hip-hop culture and interviews with well-known wrestlers. Peter will undoubtedly win over WWE fans’ hearts in the coming future.

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Quick facts about Peter Rosenberg

  1. Peter Rosenberg was born in Chevy Chase, Maryland, on July 23, 1979.
  2. He went to Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School when he was younger.
  3. Peter’s older brother exposed him to hip hop.
  4. He was a University of Maryland first-year student.
  5. Rosenberg began presenting the From Dusk ‘Til Dawn late-night underground hip hop program.
  6. Peter Rosenberg’s estimated net worth as of 2019 is $600,000.
  7. Rosenberg is just as well-known as the Nick Gregory and Ebro Darden of Hot 97.