This year’s Oscars co-host Amy Schumer did, in fact, arrive on the red carpet with a very special companion. That person is her husband Chris Fischer, whom she married in 2018 and has a darling son with. Here is what you need to know about Chris (and Chris + Amy), in case you have been slacking on this connection.

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Chris, Amy’s husband, is a highly accomplished chef.

Simply said, Amy’s husband is a well-known chef from Martha’s Vineyard who specializes in cooking with locally sourced, farm-fresh ingredients. Along with celebrity chefs, he has worked as a private chef, built several restaurants, and worked in a number of prestigious restaurants. Since around 1670, generations of his family have lived in Martha’s Vineyard.


Despite being on Martha’s Vineyard for 250 years, Chris’s family just acquired ownership of Beetlebung Farm in the 1960s. His grandpa used to work the farm, but after he went away, Chris carried on taking care of the property. He has reared goats and at least one rabbit in addition to raising veggies.

He operates several restaurants (AND HAS BEEN ON MULTIPLE SHOWS)

Before launching a restaurant at the Beach Plum Inn and subsequently founding The Covington, both in his home state of Massachusetts, Chris spent years working at Babbo in New York City (as well as casually working in Rome and London).

But in addition to running a restaurant, Chris has appeared in a number of TV programs, such as Amy Schumer Learns to Cook, which debuted on Food Network in May 2020 and received an Emmy nomination. Naturally, Chris had a significant role in Amy’s documentary, Expecting Amy.

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He has been quite forthcoming about his autism spectrum disorder.

In the episode of Expecting Amy where Chris and Amy addressed his diagnosis, Chris said, “You have paid attention to my conduct in a way that nobody has before and observed things because you’re really attentive and kind of put the pieces together.”

Additionally, Amy said on Instagram, “People have contacted us expressing that viewing our documentary #expectingamy pushed them to be tested and that it has changed their life. In order to help individuals operate to the best of their ability and dispel any stigma associated with autism, we wish to encourage parents and adults to give themselves the gift of knowledge. Statistics suggest that our son will also be diagnosed, which is great news if he is anything like his father, she said.


They began out as friends for approximately six months before joking, “We got down to business fairly rapidly,” Amy said in an interview with Today, adding that she realized Chris was The One around a month into their relationship. So, how did they first meet? Amy’s personal assistant, Chris’ sister, allegedly proposed that Chris cook for the two of them one evening when they were visiting Martha’s Vineyard. Sparks obviously flew!


His proposal was legendary.

Amy said to Howard Stern that Chris just said, “I bought you this,” while waking her up, handing her a ring, and asking her to marry him while she was in bed, sound asleep and using earplugs and a night mask. They only had a few days to organize the wedding, according to Amy, who immediately texted her friends and loved ones to announce her impending nuptials. I really hope you can.

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