Since its release, Netflix’s The Ultimatum has become a huge hit among reality TV enthusiasts. In the episode, April Marie and Jake Cunningham’s relationship did not work out. April moved on after giving Jake the ultimatum and found love with someone else.

Who Is April Marie From The Ultimatum New Boyfriend?

April Marie has a new boyfriend, Cody Cooper, a well-known real estate broker and entrepreneur.

Cody is a broker and the owner of Sprout Realty, a Texas-based real estate services company, with over 18,000 Instagram followers.

He is also the co-owner of Kwik Rip, a nicotine products company, according to his Instagram bio.

According to KwikRip’s website, the company was created in 2020, following the widespread use of vape devices in the United States.

April’s new tattooed boyfriend appears to be doing much better than Jake did on the show. Cody’s Instagram shows that he owns excellent cars and houses and enjoys living in luxury. Cody is a world traveler who enjoys sailing. He also enjoys riding motorcycles and driving sports automobiles. Golf, weapons, and cigars are among his other passions.

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The Austin, Texas-based entrepreneur is also planning to launch his own men’s underwear line. Cody is also a big admirer of haberdashery and wears a lot of luxury outfits. He’s a big fan of top hats and cowboy hats.

We can tell Cody is an outdoorsy person based on his Instagram photos.

Despite the fact that the Netflix actor has not publicly stated her relationship with Cody, he has hinted at it in some of his recent Instagram stories.

The Instagram user’s followers recently noticed that he uploaded a couple of lovey-dovey photos with the reality star in his recent tale. In one scene, he is seen passionately kissing April’s cheek, while in another, he is shown carrying her on his back. “My Love,” he captioned the photo.

In addition, April said in a recent interview with Bustle that she had moved on from Jake and was dating an “older” Austin-based real estate broker. With him, she described it as a “fairytale relationship.”

“He’s got it together and treats me like a queen.” It’s almost too good to be true how picture-perfect everything is. He is the only person about whom I have no complaints. He’s my masculine counterpart of me, and he’s my best friend. From head to toe, I adore this dude. “I’m literally overjoyed and grateful that we met paths,” the actress gushed.

How did April and Jake’s relationship end on The Ultimatum?

April gave her then-boyfriend Jake an ultimatum at the outset of the episode. She said although she was ready for marriage and children, Jake was not.

How did April and Jake's relationship end on The Ultimatum?

The cast member stated that he’d recently left the army and wanted to enjoy life while also establishing financial stability before starting a family and having children.

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April, Jake thought, was a touch selfish and didn’t seem to care about what he needed from the relationship.

Jake developed a bond with Rae, who arrived with Isaiah, during the course of the show. While things appeared to be going well for the two, Jake eventually reconciled with April, only for them to call it quits.

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