WNBA players Johnson and Griner got caught up in a quicksand romance that went horribly wrong.

Even after her brief marriage to Brittney Griner, Glory Johnson said she has never dated women and does not consider herself a lesbian.

Instead, she claims in the December edition of Cosmopolitan that she just “followed [her] heart” and wed “the guy [she] was intended to be with” after falling in love.

Johnson tells the magazine that she walked down the aisle because she wanted to fight for her love despite heated disagreements between the two WNBA players, including one instance of domestic violence that was documented.

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Johnson, 25, adds, “You work things out and battle for what you love,” adding that her parents forbade her from wedding the Phoenix Mercury star. There was no consideration of others. It concerned us.

Johnson also says that Griner, 25, told her that their previous fights, which were caused by trust difficulties, would improve after their May wedding.

The Tulsa Shock player says, “Brittney was weeping about how delighted she was I remained with her and vowing she’d make it worth it. You might call me a fool for having believed her, but I had faith in this person.

Following a round of IVF, Johnson found out she was pregnant a few weeks after the couple’s wedding. The now-mother of twins claimed that shortly after hearing the news, she brought up their argument in the media, claiming that each woman had entered her plea in the manner she had for a reason – Griner pleaded guilty and enrolled in domestic violence classes, while Johnson pleaded not guilty – which sparked a backlash from her wife who felt Johnson had put her on the defensive.

Even so, the couple made the pregnancy announcement in early June. One day later, Griner submitted an annulment petition.

Griner stated in her documents that she married Johnson under duress, skipped the IVF and that Johnson had texted her ex-boyfriend. Later, she filed an amended document in which she admitted to being involved—again, as a result of pressure from her wife.

Johnson continues to play recordings in which Griner refers to herself as “Dad” and assures Johnson, “Even if you’re not pregnant, I still love you,” before claiming to Cosmopolitan that Griner was the one who chose the blonde-haired, blue-eyed sperm donor.

The couple had agreed when they moved forward with IVF that Johnson would not play during her off-season in Russia and would not return for the next season with the Tulsa Shock while she worked hard to recover after giving birth. However, the judge in their case ultimately denied an annulment, forcing the two women to file for divorce and leaving a pregnant Johnson with financial burdens.

However, Griner was no longer involved, Johnson’s twins were born early (only 5 months after conception), and a judge rejected Johnson’s request for interim spousal assistance. While on leave, the new mother receives half of her usual salary from the women’s basketball team and is unable to earn money from her international sponsorships until she is back on the court.

She tells Cosmopolitan, “I can’t do this by myself.” “I have kind male friends who are offering to help me, but I’m not taking it well,” the speaker said. I’m shoving it aside because I don’t have any faith in anyone. Because I used to be so trusting, I hope I eventually reach a place where I can give others a fair go.

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Johnson claims that despite how much her previous marriage’s abrupt termination upsets and baffles her, she continues to worry for the person she previously loved.

She claims to the magazine that she “should loathe this lady” given everything that she made my family and I go through. But at the end of the day, I continue to be concerned about how she is handling everything.

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