Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson married after meeting on season 2 of Love Is Blind.

They were the first couple to get engaged after meeting in the pods in 2022, but their joy was short-lived. Danielle was unhappy when Nick returned from a party with their co-stars in Mexico when she was unwell. Danielle later stated that online rumours regarding the brawl were incorrect.

To represent us as a pair, I urged Nick to go to the couple’s party without me. She said on Instagram in February 2022, “While unwell, I started to question whether I had published too much too soon and started to release an incident that I had repressed for so long.” “I had a panic attack and ran into the closet to hide from everyone in such a public place. I also saw the couple’s celebration outdoors. I wasn’t jealous, I just needed support and wanted to know when Nick would return.”

Notably, Nick “had no idea what transpired” after he left.

Then we were able to learn from it and move on. The fact that I can project my fear onto others is something I am always working on,” she said. For an hour of footage pulled from months of recording, I was ‘diagnosed’ with every mental condition in the book.

Danielle was open about her anxiety. “I know I have work to do, but I was in a terrific mental position before the show. Stress brought me back to a place I didn’t expect,” she continued. “I hope that in the future people will recognise me as a person, not as a character on a reality TV show. I’m not seeking pity or denying that I made mistakes. “I seek understanding for everyone who has inner demons, for everyone who feels misrepresented, and for everyone who is triggered by those who attack others for having feelings others may not comprehend.

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Since the show ended, we became best friends. Music, The Office, blow-up instruments and love for others connected us,” she added. The amount of anger and negativity has saddened me. Mental health is a complex topic, and I don’t claim to be an expert. In order to recover and flourish, a healthy environment is required.

“Beautiful posts from beautiful people,” Nick retweeted. Let us be friendly and supportive.”

Despite the rough trip to Mexico, Danielle and Nick were one of only two couples to marry on the February 2022 finale, joining Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones.

View Nick and Danielle’s timeline:

First Meeting In The Pods

They can get engaged during their 10-day dating period in the pods. Season 2 will be taped in 2021.

“I’m ready to marry him tomorrow,” Danielle remarked, blindly falling for Nick. “Nothing is going to stop me now.”

Are Danielle Ruhl And Nick Thompson Dating? Complete Relationship Timeline!

Their Engagement

“How can I not be drawn to him when I already feel like the happiest girl alive?” Danielle requested the cameras after Nick proposed.

Mexico Fight

Their romance hit a snag when Danielle began to doubt herself.

“Many incorrect assumptions surround why I suffered a panic attack in Mexico. “I am learning not to let my prior experiences define how I view the world or others,” she posted on Instagram after the episode aired.

Are Danielle Ruhl And Nick Thompson Dating? Complete Relationship Timeline!

“Very proud of you and your strength!” Nick wrote in the comments.

The Families Meeting

While Danielle’s family was eager to warm up to Nick, his mother and sisters were frigid on TV.


Danielle revealed at the bachelor/bachelorette parties that she had no idea what will happen on the wedding day. She said the next morning that Nick advised her to say “no” at the altar, but they eventually married.


The couple exchanged vows during an outdoor ceremony about 40 days after production in the pods began.

Are Danielle Ruhl And Nick Thompson Dating? Complete Relationship Timeline!

Couples Therapy

According to them, they are still going strong — but working on their relationship.

The show’s framework was lost, Nick told Us. “We rapidly recognised that we weren’t married, but single, two months ago. Since then, we’ve met, married, made friends, and family — some know, some don’t.’ How do you go from doing anything you want two months ago to being part of a family?’”

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‘Danielle, you speak French,’ said the couple therapist. He’s German. And it doesn’t translate when you’re talking. And it takes months, if not years, to actually communicate,” Danielle explained. “The more our therapist acts as a translator for us, the easier it becomes. Even with my anxiousness — and we all have our ups and downs — I may need some time alone. I could need a hug from him. And I have to admit that I can’t just assume he’ll be there for me. “I have to be patient with him not fully understanding what to do in those situations.”

“I really can’t wait for people to witness our friendship now,” she said.

April 2022

Danielle shared photographs from the couple’s trip to Coachella on Instagram, writing, “Had such a great time at our first Coachella.” “I’m overjoyed that I’ll be able to share every new first with you for the rest of our lives.”

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