Are Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw Getting Divorced? Everything We Know

“I think it’s the misconception that you can’t live happily married in Hollywood,” Robin McGraw claimed.

Dr. Phil McGraw, a television psychologist, and his wife, Robin McGraw, are getting divorced.

Even people who don’t watch daytime television are likely to be familiar with psychologist Phil McGraw, one of the industry’s most successful and well-known practitioners. McGraw and his wife, Robin McGraw, are better known as “Dr. Phil,” and their top-rated daily program “counsels millions of viewers on topics ranging from marriage and domestic abuse to addiction to weight loss.”

The National Enquirer and its sister tabloid, the National Enquirer, have published several dozen articles accusing “Dr. Phil (and sometimes Robin) of various indiscretions, from minutia like being a “ratings whore” to personal turmoil like a “secret divorce deal” to outright felonies like sexual and child abduction over the last few decades.

Dr. Phil and his wife filed a $250 million libel and malicious defamation lawsuit against the National Enquirer’s parent company, American Media Inc., in 2016, as a result of the National Enquirer’s continuous gossip reporting on him. The Washington Post reports, “According to the Washington Post:

The lawsuit alleged the media targeted the McGraws to help them out of financial trouble.

The case focused on tabloid claims that Dr. Phil assaulted his wife. It alleges [AMI’s reporting] has harmed both of their careers, which involve counseling couples seeking to preserve their marriages.

But there were more. At the Copper Caboose in Lubbock, Texas, while attending Texas Tech University, the magazine “threatened” to publish that an intoxicated Dr. Phil stood behind a man and slammed a beer mug over his head

The difficulty, according to the claim, is that the Copper Caboose opened six years after he left the city — and didn’t serve alcohol until 2009.

The Enquirer claims much of the information it released comes from Dr. Phil’s litigation. True, the lawsuit said, but the tabloid alleged facts.

The McGraws dropped their complaint a few months later, and the Enquirer seems to have stopped publicizing unfavorable stories about Dr. Phil in favor of sensationalist headlines about visitors on his show.

The Enquirer reports that Dr. Phil and his wife of 43 years, the former Robin Jo Jameson, were able to avoid divorce owing to a “secret divorce deal” over a claimed “tell-all book” written by Robin:

Sources suggest Dr. Phil McGraw’s wife Robin is drafting a book that reveals his deepest secrets.

According to publishing sources, Robin’s “warts-and-all” memoir about their 32-year marriage might net her $3 million.

“Phil feels betrayed,” an ENQUIRER source said. “Yet he feels helpless to stop Robin!

Apparently, he worries she will leave him if she refuses to write the book.

Another insider suggested the self-help expert had reason to worry.

The ENQUIRER was told by a friend of Robin, 55, that Phil had humiliated her by cheating and lying.

This includes their secret divorce agreement and the actual reason he hates his talk-show guru Oprah Winfrey!

According to her pal, Robin’s text also reveals the couple’s secret divorce agreement.

Phillip is convinced he can prevent Robin from writing a smash seller by offering her a payout compared to the potential $3 million book advance, a pal told The ENQUIRER.

“Phil is quite persuasive, and he says it’s best for their marriage. He expects she’ll take the cash and forget about publishing the manuscript.”

Since then, neither a Dr. Phil divorce nor a Robin McGraw-authored “tell-all book” has occurred. Dr. Phil continues to be hounded by divorce rumors, but only tabloid reporting claims they are true.

On their show in 2008, the McGraws addressed (and refuted) tabloid allegations of a probable divorce:

During the summer, tabloids reported that Dr. Phil and Robin were divorcing. “I am not getting a divorce,” Dr. Phil adds, ignoring Robin. “She’s here.”

Robin joins him. “I’m married,” she says, displaying her ring.

She is cute. Dr. Phil is delighted about his 32nd wedding anniversary.

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Strangers writing lies about something so precious to her and Dr. Phil astounds Robin. “It bothers me because… Not even furious at him, and they want me to divorce him!

Dr. Phil shows a recent tabloid photo of him carrying a bag containing personal things. The headline says Robin threw him out, although he was holding his tennis bag. “I’d take more stuff if I was moving out,” he jokes.

A moving van was seen loading up a giant mirror in another tabloid photo. Robin and Dr. Phil say they had their house rebuilt while on vacation.

To understand tabloids, you must understand that what they report about public figures — and we are public figures — does not have to be factual. “They go out and find somebody and pay them to be a source. Always anonymous. ‘A friend said this and ‘a friend’ said that. They are cowards, not pals. They won’t expose their face. They do it because “your face and a scandal sell newspapers.”

I believe it is the belief that you can’t live in Hollywood and be happy,” Robin explains.

“One of the things that irritate me is that if I got divorced, I would say so in court. It’s not a bad thing. ”Divorce happens all the time.” “I despise it. Please pray and support me. And if I’m ejected…

“No mirror!” Robin witticisms

“Anyway, we’re not divorcing,” Dr. Phil says.

In 2012, Dr. Phil slammed “stupid tabloid” divorce rumors during an appearance on “The Rachel Ray Show”:

‘You know, I’m now an orphan, I have no people,’ she murmured one day, sitting on the end of the bed. ‘That’s not true,’ I informed her then. Look me in the eye and tell me you won’t leave me.’ So I just shake my head at these silly newspapers – we are not getting divorced, and their obsession with something so fundamental to our family is astounding to me.

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According to an Instagram post from September 2019, Robin called her husband her “forever love” and that she “loves you more and more with every bi

We can’t guarantee that any marriage won’t split in the future. The McGraws have denied the rumors of divorce for at least 15 years, and they continue to work closely together and present the outward appearance of a long-married couple who are happy in their marriage.