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Are Jasmina And Michael From MAFS Still Together?

Are Jasmina And Michael From MAFS Still Together?

In the fourteenth season of the reality show, Jasmina Outar starts looking for a husband. The 29-year-old Early Childhood Educator was paired with Michael Morency, who was a Personal Trainer and two years younger than her. The two people who lived in Boston got married in a beautiful ceremony on the day they met and started dating.

The wedding didn’t go as well as the couple had hoped. During their honeymoon, they fought so often that it was clear they had trouble talking to each other.

Several people said that Michael was always angry, and Jasmina complained that her new partner never talked to her directly. Over time, their differences became clearer. Jasmina became suspicious of Michael after he lied to her about having female roommates. The new wife was also worried that she and her husband didn’t have any chemistry.

Jasmina and Michael tried to fix their relationship, unlike many of the other couples on the show. The couple listened to what their advisors said, and as a result, they became closer. They even went to each other’s childhood homes to get closer.

Jasmina and Michael became fast friends and had a great time together. They weren’t sure if they loved each other romantically. Michael and Jasmina are still together.

Fans of the couple might have noticed that, even though they clearly respected each other, they didn’t show the usual signs of love between a husband and wife very often. The couple’s worries were strikingly similar because they both didn’t know what would happen to their marriage.

On Decision Day, Jasmina and Michael chose to stay married and give their relationship a fair trial in real life. Several of the couples on the show have been changed by their decision to leave the spotlight and go back to normal life, for better or for worse. How did Jasmina and Michael act when no one was watching?

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Despite their best efforts, it looks like Jasmina and Michael’s mistakes will have even bigger effects. On April 27’s Decision Day, Married at First Sight, will reportedly reveal that the couple has decided to get a divorce after trying to work things out for the rest of the season.

Jasmina and Michael: Are They Still Together?

The main evidence for this is an Instagram account called MAFS Fan. Fans were able to send photos of Katina, Olajuwan, and Jasmina when they went back to Boston after the reunion was taped, and the photos were made public. The submission says that neither Jasmina nor Michael was there and that she was not even wearing a ring.

Another Reddit user said, “I wish I could post the screenshot of Michael’s friend saying that they are not together and that Jasmina is a bad person. I read this on Facebook. Jasmina and Michael are no longer together, as far as we know. Every Wednesday at 8 p.m. EDT, Lifetime airs a new episode of Married at First Sight.

Jasmina says that Michael is “not her person”

Even though Jasmina and Michael chose to stay married on Decision Day, Jasmina said in a reunion clip that she no longer sees Michael as “the one.”

On Decision Day of season 14 of Married at First Sight, Jasmina Outar, and Michael Morency chose to stay together. However, new sneak peek footage from the upcoming reunion show shows that Jasmina does not consider Michael to be her “person.”

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On MAFS, Jasmina and Michael’s marriage started out rough and only got worse from there. Several people thought that Jasmina wasn’t as committed to her relationship as Michael was. Still Together: Michael and Jasmina

Even though Jasmina and Michael had some great moments after their wedding, Lifetime viewers were sure they wouldn’t make it past Decision Day because they had trouble communicating.

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