Lady Gaga has done it again, breaking the internet. As part of Variety’s “Actors on Actors” series, the singer and actor is featured on the newest cover opposite Jake Gyllenhaal. The duo poses closely on the cover, with Gyllenhaal’s arm stretched over Gaga’s lap. Her chin rests on his. They appear to be so in touch that Gaga has dubbed them Hollywood’s mother and father.

On January 26, the cover article went viral, drawing attention to their undeniable chemistry and witty comments. “I’ve never held somebody like this,” writer Ramin Setoodeh says of Gyllenhaal wrapping his arm around Gaga at one point in the essay..

Gaga added, “Mommy and Daddy love each other,” before fondly addressing Jake Gyllenhaal as “honey.” They also spent a good portion of the interview praising each other. Gyllenhaal talked on how much he enjoyed Lady Gaga’s feature film House of Gucci.

On the scene of the shoot, Gaga reportedly joked, “The two of us are a nightmare.”

The interview was well-received on Twitter, especially the portion where Gaga referred to herself as “mother and daddy.” It’s even sparked dating rumours, or at least, fans speculated about it.

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Lady Gaga Tells Jake Gyllenhaal About the ‘House of Gucci’ Scene That Was Cut Due to Safety Concerns

Gaga, who has already sparked controversy with her bizarre accounts of prepping for and filming House of Gucci, went into greater detail about her transformation into Patrizia Reggiani in the critically acclaimed film. Gaga, who told Jake she always wanted to be an actress before becoming a singer, said she intended to give Patrizia a “multifaceted, fragmented, and broken” reality. She stated she researched a variety of creatures to portray the character, including house cats, foxes, and panthers. She described the process as “very engrossing.

Lady Gaga then went on to explain why she fell in love with her character, Patrizia Reggiani, and speculate on why she hasn’t heard from the real-life Patrizia.

“She truly believes she is doing the right thing, and that is why this murder occurred.” I firmly believe this, because I am baffled as to why any Italian woman would enter a business that is mostly male-dominated. “And I mean that in a loving way,” she added. “I couldn’t help but fall in love with her.” Because she’s living, I almost find it interesting that I haven’t heard from her. I’m not sure she’s seen it. I’m not sure what she thinks, but everyone around me remarked, ‘I think this is going to be awful.'”

Are Lady Gaga And Jake Gyllenhaal In A Relationship?

Lady Gaga also fangirled about Jake’s 2001 film Donnie Darko near the end of the interview, telling him, “I don’t want to lie and say you I haven’t seen it so many times.”

““Really? OK. He said, “That just made my day.”

“It’s religion in the world of music, but it’s also religion in the world of fashion, Donnie Darko.” It is, in fact. She gushed, “And if you know your s**t, you know Donnie Darko.”

Only time will tell where Gaga and Gyllenhaal’s burgeoning friendship goes from here. The dating rumours, on the other hand, can be chalked up to internet talk.

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