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Are Ryan and Mackenzie From ‘Teen Mom’s Couples’ Still Together?

Are Ryan and Mackenzie From 'Teen Mom’s Couples' Still Together?

Former Teen Mom Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Edwards (née Standifer) haven’t always gotten along well, and the father of three started breakup rumors when he posted a mysterious Instagram photo that seemed to be about their marriage. Scroll down to find out more about Ryan and Mackenzie’s relationship, see if they are still together, and more.

Are Ryan and Mackenzie Still Together?

Ryan went away from Instagram for almost five years and came back on January 29, 2023. He seemed to confirm that he and Mackenzie are getting a divorce. Ryan shared a quote that said, “I trusted you, but now your words don’t mean anything to me because your actions told the truth,” but the quote has since been taken down.

“Your regret is coming,” the MTV alum said in the caption. Good Lord, you gave me what I need, not what I wanted. In July 2022, Ryan left a comment on a photo Mackenzie had posted of the two of them. He had shared the photo on his own profile.

He said, “Get your wife off of this.” I’m not happy to be married to a man who goes to bars and brings other men home with him.

Ryan went on to say, “I can’t wait for tomorrow! Do you know what happens if you lie with dogs? Oh, look, it’s you I’m speaking to. Then she blamed my addiction and said that I should get a divorce.

The former TV star has taken down his first post, but neither he nor Mackenzie has talked about how their relationship is going yet. Even though the first post was taken down, Ryan seemed to say again in an Instagram post on February 9 that Mackenzie had cheated on him.

“If you haven’t seen a spineless slut before, this is one. They steal your money and make everyone who looks at them fall asleep. They are, however, required to have a wife. God, that’s a joke. “It’s really sad,” he wrote next to a picture of Mackenzie, who was wearing a leather jacket but showed off her bare chest.

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Later, the metal worker changed the bio on his Instagram account to say, “Have you ever had a trash can that smells so bad it makes you sick? Yes, that’s how I’ve spent the last seven years.” Anything or nothing is better for you, in my opinion.

Ryan was arrested and charged with breaking a protective order the day after he was said to have threatened his wife. According to court records that In Touch was able to get, Mackenzie told authorities that she and her husband have “a history of domestic violence issues.”

Ryan told Mackenzie over the phone, “You better f-king lie to the guys who ask you because they’re going to ask you at work.” I’ll take the whooping in the f-ing ass.

The former reality star then told Ryan that she no longer wanted to be with him. “Yes, I get it, but you—look—you must not have heard me,” he said in response. You are about to go through something horrible.

A few days after Ryan was released from jail, Mackenzie posted on social media that she needed “God’s help.”

The statement was posted on her Instagram Story on February 16. She said, “Just because I can carry it well doesn’t mean it’s not heavy.” I must pray to Him and look for His name every day. When In Touch asked Ryan and Mackenize for their thoughts, neither of them answered right away.

The couple has a son named Jagger and a daughter named Stella. Ryan’s son with his ex-wife, Maci Bookout, is named Bentley. Mackenzie’s son with her ex-husband, Zachary Stephens, is named Hudson.

How Long Have Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Edwards Been Dating?

Ryan and Mackenzie met at a gym in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and fell in love quickly.

Teen Mom OG talked about the couple’s relationship and their tumultuous wedding in 2017. Fans saw Ryan, who has struggled with drug addiction over the years, driving drunk on the way to the ceremony before the couple said their vows.

Mackenzie called her new husband “an addict” in a June 2017 episode. He does not care about anything. After the episode aired, Ryan told everyone that he had gone to drug rehab.

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“A little more than 30 days ago, I decided to check myself into a rehab center. The man from Tennessee said at the time, “Life is great now that I’m back home.” Without the help of my wife and parents, I wouldn’t have been able to do this. I’m grateful for all the good wishes.

The two stayed on the show until the season 9 reunion, which aired in April 2021. During the special, Jen and Larry Edwards, who are Ryan’s parents, and Maci and her husband, Taylor McKinney, fought over Bentley’s visitation rights.

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