Getting better! Tayshia Adams’ journey on The Bachelorette’s 16th season was out of the ordinary right from the start, but after she met Zac Clark, it appeared like her love story was over.

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After Clare Crawley found her special someone in suitor Dale Moss two weeks into production, the California native filled in as the star of the ABC dating series. Adams moved into the spotlight as her journey began in November 2020, encountering some of the guys who had previously vied for Crawley’s affection as well as a few new men.

One of the competitors that remained on the program after the hairstylist departed was Clark, a native of New Jersey, and as fate would have it, their immediate chemistry with Adams turned out to be the winning combination.

On the former phlebotomist’s first group date, the two clicked, but he did not receive the first impression rose. By the time they arrived for their first one-on-one date, which saw the couple acting like they were married while snapping pictures, the two’s connection to the audience was clear.

Adams and the addiction expert connected via their prior marriages—he to Jennifer Stanley-George and her to Josh Bourelle—and had a common kinship. The two became even closer after Clark disclosed he has been drug-free for nine years after battling addiction and recovering from using painkillers after surgery to remove a brain tumor.

She finally selected Clark as her final man standing after some ups and downs on Adams’ end throughout the course of the rest of the season.

“There was a time in my life when I hit rock bottom and truly believed I would never get married due to all the suffering and grief I had experienced. And I know that I’ve already expressed my love to you, but… it’s more than that,” she said to him in the episode’s December 22, 2020, conclusion. “I’ve tried to think of so many reasons why I shouldn’t believe in this crazy, wild love, but you’ve really simply convinced me that there are no excuses for imperfections and that I deserve a relationship with a committed partner. My heart has been genuinely awakened by you, and it is real. And I experience it.

Swiftly returning the compliment, Clark proposed to Adams.

He remarked, “I can’t imagine another day, another minute without you in my life. “And I’m going to select you right now if you’ll allow me. Tomorrow morning, I’ll decide who I want to select. The next week and next year, I’m going to choose you. Because I adore you, I will always choose you.

When asked if, Adams said, “You’re mine!”

But the couple ended their relationship in November 2021, about a year after their ABC engagement special had aired. At the time, a publicist informed Us Weekly that “Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark are no longer in a relationship.”

To relive Adams and Clark’s epic love tale from beginning to conclusion, scroll down.

First encounter

On the November 10, 2020, episode of The Bachelorette, the couple first spoke. Adams clicked with two guys on her first group date, one of them was Clark. During the after-party portion of the evening, she discovered more about.

Personalized Magic

The first one-on-one date between the couple (which aired on December 1, 2020) appeared to portend their wedding. On their private afternoon, Clark dressed in a variety of clothes while Adams donned ballgowns appropriate for a bride. During the date, the addiction specialist also disclosed his history with drugs, and his candor earned him a rose.

a local hero

On December 15, 2020, Clark took Adams on a hometown date that left her speechless. She informed him she had thought about relocating there, and he showed her what a day in New York City might be like for the two of them. At the La Quinta Resort in Palm Springs, California, the two even rode about in a cardboard cab.

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Stunning Proposal

Adams initially had reservations about getting married again on their final date, but in the end, despite this, she gave Clark the last rose of the season and accepted his marriage proposal on December 22, 2020. He got down on one knee and said, “I can’t imagine another day, another moment without you in my life. The other night, while we were chatting, you spoke about this concept of someone choosing you. “And I’m going to select you right now if you’ll allow me. Tomorrow morning, I’ll decide who I want to select. The next week and next year, I’m going to choose you. Because I adore you, I will always choose you.

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