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Barbara Thore Dies At The Age Of 76!

Barbara Thore Dies At The Age Of 76!

Barbara Thore, one of the most beautiful and talented actresses, died at the age of 76. She was best known for playing Whitney’s mom on My Big Fat Fabulous Life. Whitney Way Thore, her daughter, told her about the sad bit of news. She really was a legendary actress who had a lot of fans all over the world.

So, let’s look in detail at what really happened to her and why she died.

Barbara Thore Biography

Barbara “Babs” Thore was one of the interesting co-stars of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life.” She is best known as Whitney’s mom, which is a fact that can’t be argued. Fans from all over the world flocked to watch the exciting reality show for more than a decade.

She died at the age of 76, and her grieving family told the whole world.

She was a real artist, but most people knew her as Whitney’s mom on the show. She was sick with diseases that would kill her and was in so much pain that she finally accepted death.

Barbara Thore’s Cause Of Death

Whitney Way Thore, the daughter of Barbara Thore, told the world about this shocking news through her Instagram account. So Whitney wrote a long post about how hard it is for her to deal with the fact that her mother is no longer with her, and she explained in detail how her mother died.

According to what Barbara Thore’s daughter said, she died of cerebral amyloid angiopathy. So even the name of the disease is scary, and she had to deal with the unbearable pain after dementia, seizures, and hemorrhagic strokes because the disease couldn’t be treated.

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In fact, Barbara Thore was in a terrible situation in the last days of her life, and she fought it hard. So, according to the long post that Whitney wrote, Barbara’s first stroke happened in 2017.

So, with immediate medical care, she was slowly getting better, but then the doctors told her family how dangerous her condition is. By that time, her family was expecting that she would have more strokes and have to go through them all.

So her family knew what had to happen, and they were all worried about how painful it would be. So, after her first stroke in 2017, she had another one in December 2021, which really made her unable to do anything. And finally, her last stroke happened in November 2022, which definitely hurt her health.

Also, Covid 19 and the infection that came after it did a lot of damage to her health and made it worse than anyone could have expected. Her health started to get worse quickly, much faster than her doctors and family had expected.

So she was in unimaginable pain and fought until she took her last breath. So her family was really hurt by her death. Barbara Thore was a great co-star on the show, and she played a very interesting matriarch on the show.

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The show really got a lot of fans, and they went from being unknown to famous in the blink of an eye. At the end of her long, detailed post, Whitney talked about how bubbly her mother was, and every word she used showed how much she meant to her and to the rest of the family.

The post reads

My Mother is our family’s greatest gift. We could never love, revere, or value another person more. If you are reading this, you are familiar with her magic: her southern charm, her hilarious sense of humor, her well-timed witty remarks, her beauty, and her ability to make everyone around her feel comfortable and cared for. We want to thank you for loving our mother. The support from all of you made her feel so loved and encouraged. We are unbelievably thankful that we have been able to share her with you and it is our hope that her memory will continue to be a source of comfort and happiness for the rest of your lives, just as it will be for ours”. 

This was the last short part of the post, which was unapologetically sad, and Whitney, as a great, loving daughter, really made everyone cry. Barbara’s family will miss her very much. The hole she left in their hearts will be there forever, and even after many years, the space she used to occupy will never be filled.

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