Who Is Beabadoobee’s Boyfriend After Breaking Up With Soren?

Bea was born in the Philippines, but she and her family emigrated to the United Kingdom when she was three in pursuit of a better education. She went to a predominantly white Catholic high school in Hammersmith, west London, and felt “isolated” because she was one of only a handful of Southeast Asian students there. She attended to her first therapy appointment at the age of seven, and the bullying that began at that time has left its mark on her lifelong quest for self-acceptance.

The fact that Bea recently broke up with her long-term partner also contributes to her growing sense of self-awareness.

Bea Kristi, better known by her stage name, Beabadoobee, and her boyfriend, Soren Harrison, had been together since she was 15 years old.

Who Is Beabadoobee's Boyfriend After Breaking Up With Soren?

Her TikTok comments section has been inundated with relationship-related inquiries and early panic over the possible loss of Bea Kristi love songs over the past few months. This post will address the question of whether Beabadoobee and Soren have broken up, as well as find out who Bea is currently dating.

Have Beabadoobee And Soren Broken Up?

Soren Harrison, her long-term lover, and director of many of her videos played a major role in shaping both her music and visual approach. He also made other appearances in her music; for example, his name is a spoonerism in the title of a song on Fake It Flowers, and he is the topic of Lovesong on Beatopia. After seven happy years together, they decided to split up recently.

On the surface, Bea and Soren appeared to have a very stable relationship. They’ve done an outstanding job of keeping up that reputation.

Who Is Beabadoobee's Boyfriend After Breaking Up With Soren?

Once followers realized that Bea and Soren had unfollowed each other on Instagram and that Soren had deleted the mushy remarks from his Instagram posts about Bea and her music videos, rumors began to circulate that the couple had broken up. And Bea was singing Lovesong to herself, not him. Quite a few of her supporters were concerned that the breakup would hinder her ability to produce high-quality music in the future.

Multiple theories circulate online as to why Bea and Soren decided to end their relationship, ranging from Bea cheating on Soren to the fact that their relationship was open as far as Bea was concerned but Soren wasn’t permitted to have connections with other girls.

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In an interview, Bea said this about Soren: “We owe a lot to each other because we inspire each other to make music, and I’ll never forget that.” She said this in response to a question about whether the breakup has affected her previous music: “He’s always going to have this special place in my heart because he made me believe in myself. When I listen to those songs again, they’re just nice memories.”

“I think it’s possible that one day we could be great friends. Since we grew up together, we like the same things. I was blinded by the idea that we were this amazing, creative couple who liked those things. But, you know, those things don’t last because they aren’t based on deeper feelings.

Who Is Bea’s New Boyfriend: Is She Single Or Dating Someone?

Fans are curious about her future relationship after rumors of her breakup with long-term lover Soren began circulating.

Since her recent breakup, Bea has not been seen in public with any possible boyfriends. In addition, she hasn’t hinted at a new boyfriend on social media, but that doesn’t imply she’s single. She could be waiting for the right time, like many celebrities do these days, to introduce the world to her new beau.

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Without hearing otherwise from Bea, we would assume that she is currently single. However, we are keeping a close eye on this story, and our readers will be informed of any new information as soon as it becomes available to us.