Bilal Hazziez, star of 90 Day Fiance, is no stranger to distorting the facts a little, as seen by the crude “fake house” trick he pulled on his fiancee Shaeeda Sween. On the program, Bilal is quite candid about his status as a divorced single father. Shahidah, his ex-wife and the mother of his two children, is a major character on 90 Day Fiance.

Bilal hasn’t revealed to the camera that Shahidah was really his second wife, though. Prior to his union with Shahidah, Bilal was previously married to a different woman named Ameerah. Bilal and Ameerah were wed in August 2002, per court documents.

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The couple’s marriage license is seen here:

Because Ameerah and Bilal’s divorce was completed in December 2003, just 16 months had passed since Bilal may have attempted some foolish practical jokes on her. There were no children involved, and the breakup was uncontested. Ameerah looks to be residing in California at the moment.


The connection between Bilal and Shahida has been discussed in public before, but this is not the first instance. At least two novels by Shahida have been released, one of which being The After Effects of Hajj: The Journey Begins Now. Shahida “shares her ups and downs, blunders and successes that have led her to realize her purpose” in the 2019 book The After Effects of Hajj. She refers to her divorce from Bilal as one of the “downs.”

Early in 2019, Shahida gave a lecture in Kansas City to discuss the subjects covered in The After Effects of Hajj. She discusses her marriage to Bilal and their ultimate divorce extensively in her speech. (A link to the complete video is provided at the end of this post.)

Shahida tells that she moved to Kansas City after meeting Bilal at a national Islamic gathering. She continues, “I got married at the early age of 20.”

We all agree that love is the best emotion there is, OK? Additionally, marriage is a societal need because it is the foundation of families. Communities flourish and prosper in this way, according to Shahida.

She acknowledges, though, that getting married at the age of 20 might not have been the best choice for her. According to Shahida, she was married “perhaps before I was old enough to comprehend how to genuinely love wholeheartedly. As a result, I was still developing as a person and attempting to be patient at that young age.

Drugs, according to Shahidah, and the recent death of her father were other factors. She is careful to point out that the breakdown of her marriage wasn’t primarily caused by the death of her father. But I felt like that was one of the things that made me miserable or depressed.

Shahidah was depressed, but at the time she didn’t ask for advice or support from a professional. “Well, that’s what marriage is, I simply thought. All ladies experienced that, you know? You assume that having two kids, working a job, and attempting to maintain a household is just a part of life. She continues by saying she was “really checking out of the marriage” but was unaware of it.

In January 2014, Shahidah traveled to San Diego to visit her mother. She then came back to Kansas City. “In January 2014, instead of seeking assistance because I viewed it as a way out, I made a choice that would forever alter the course of my life: I asked for a divorce.”

The death of her father and the fact that Shahidah was unable to grieve appropriately because she wanted to look strong to her family were at the root of her problems. She developed high-functioning depression as a result of not mourning adequately. Later, she would seek professional assistance, and in the lecture, she stresses how crucial it is for others to do the same.

Shahida discusses being conscious of your surroundings and the kind of entertainment you consume later in the lecture. She even brings up the negative effects of viewing drama-filled reality TV.

Shahida warns that obsessing on drama and negativity can cause mental instability and bad habits. “Select the foods you consume. You must choose what you consume if you believe you have problems or know you are approaching people incorrectly. Put oneself in uplifting surroundings.

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Shahida has more to say:

Don’t immerse yourself too much in television. You’ll start acting like the Young and the Restless if you watch The Young and the Restless. If you’re watching Love and Hip Hop, you’re going to start arguing and fighting like the characters there.

You must make wise friend selections. Select the people you associate with… Don’t use social media. Don’t say anything bad. The news may be depressing at times. And everything you take in inside has an unconscious, hidden impact. As I previously stated, you begin to behave as a result of your personal consumption.

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