Why Did Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert Divorce? 

Aside from their music, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert have made news for their long-term relationship! The musicians started dating in 2006 and married in 2011. In 2015, the former flames shocked fans by announcing their breakup after a nearly five-year marriage. They’ve both moved on since then, with Miranda marrying Brendan McLoughlin in January 2019 and Blake marrying Gwen Stefani in July 2021, but what exactly went wrong between them?

It’s unclear what caused the couple’s breakup, but their long-distance love and infidelity rumors — which they both rejected — are said to have put a strain on their relationship. “This isn’t the future we had in mind.” “We are moving forward separately with sorrowful hearts,” the pair said in their July 2015 divorce statement. “We are genuine people with real lives, real families, real friends, and real coworkers. As a result, we respectfully request privacy and compassion in this highly personal matter.”

Why Did Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert Divorce? 

Blake and Miranda have both spoken about the impact of their divorce after calling it quits. For his part, the “God’s Country” singer opened out about heartbreak in an interview with Billboard a year after the duo announced their split, calling his 10th studio album If I’m Honest his “divorce record.”

“I was just six months removed from when all the garbage went down when we recorded the vocals for some of these songs,” he remarked in July 2016. “You have to get it out of your system when you have a broken heart – at least, that’s how I feel.” You want people to feel sorry for you. “I was at the bottom of the barrel, in the midst of hell.”

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Similarly, while speaking with Health in November 2019, the “Little Red Wagon” singer opened up about her public divorce. “It makes you feel like, ‘Well, if you could just spend part of that time talking about my actual art, that would be fantastic!’ when everyone is concerned about your personal life.” Miranda clarified. “However, I suppose I asked for it when I got into this industry.” “I’ll never get used to being in front of the camera in that way.”

What is the state of their relationship now that they’ve both moved on? While Miranda remained silent on the news that her ex-boyfriend had proposed to his The Voice co-star, she did speak about a “special time” in her relationship with Blake in a March 2021 interview. Blake’s older brother, Richie, was killed in a vehicle accident in 1990, and the blonde beauty reflected on cowriting his 2011 song “Over You,” which was inspired by his loss.

Why Did Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert Divorce? 

“My ex-husband, Blake, had lost a brother, and it’s one of those situations where you find something new about someone even if you’re married to them,” the Texas native said on Apple Music’s Essentials Radio. “It was such a great moment, and I’m so grateful we were able to share that song and that it was able to help his family heal.”

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Despite the fact that there doesn’t appear to be any long-term animosity between the former couple, a source told In Touch in September 2020 that Miranda and her husband Brendan are a “far better match” than Miranda and Blake.

“Miranda doesn’t have a lot of regrets,” the source continued. “However, now that she’s with her true love, she looks back and wonders, ‘What was I doing with Blake?'”

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