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Who Is Brian Urlacher’s Wife, Jennipher Frost? Relationship Info

Who Is Brian Urlacher's Wife, Jennipher Frost? Relationship Info

Brian Urlacher is a former American football player who spent 13 seasons in the National Football League (NFL) as a linebacker for the Chicago Bears.

Looking into his personal life, Brian is a happily married man. He has two daughters with his ex-wife, Laurie Urlacher, and a son with Tyna Robertson, with whom he shares joint custody. In 2017, Urlacher appealed to a Cook County court to remove his son from Robertson’s custody after her husband was shot and killed in their residence. In 2016, Urlacher married Jennipher Frost, a former contestant on America’s Next Top Model, and the couple is living a happy life together.

Meet Brian Urlacher’s Wife, Jennipher Frost

Jennipher Frost, the wife of Brian Urlacher, was born on January 11, 1982, in Pocatello, Idaho. She has shared minimal details about her personal life, but she attended Idaho State University and Boise State University.

In 2004, Frost competed on the third season of America’s Next Top Model. Although she didn’t win the show, she did work briefly as a model. She modeled for swimsuits and worked on a couple of test shots.

Frost got a job in the party business at casino hotels and clubs after she graduated. She was a salesperson for Angel Music Group and worked for other companies as well. She also worked in the hotel business as a manager at the Altitude Pool SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. She worked for ten months in Beverly Hills before moving to Las Vegas, where she did the same job for a year.

Frost has also worked at the Body English and the Hard Rock Hotel. She has worked for AMG/Wet Republic as a salesperson and hostess. She has also worked at Andreas Restaurant at Encore in Las Vegas as a manager and marketing manager.

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Jennipher Frost’s Appearance On America’s Next Top Model

Jennipher Frost’s appearance on America’s Next Top Model helped her gain some popularity. Although she finished 10th overall, she left a lasting impression on the show. During her journey on the show, Jennipher and another contestant called Ann got into a fight. But when Eva, another contestant, joined the fight, it turned into a three-way fight. Even after they got into a fight, she stayed on the show.

Inside Brian Urlacher And Jennipher Frost’s Relationship

Brian Urlacher and Jennipher Frost met through a friend they both had. The two people hit it off right away and dated for a few years before getting married on March 13, 2016. In Queen Creek, Arizona, they got married. Jay Glazer, a friend and business partner, helped spread the news, and some of Urlacher’s old coworkers tweeted their congratulations.

Jennipher Frost is the second wife of Brian Urlacher, and the couple is living a happy life together. Despite being married to the NFL star who spent 13 years playing in the league, Jennipher doesn’t have conventional popularity. However, she is an essential figure in Brian Urlacher’s life, and he is often seen praising her on social media.

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Know About Brian Urlacher’s Previous Relationship

Brian Urlacher had a complex history of relationships before settling down with his current wife, Jennipher Frost. His first marriage to Laurie Urlacher produced two daughters, Pamela and Riley, but they eventually divorced. Following the divorce, Brian had a son named Kennedy with Tyna Robertson, who had a controversial past, having accused others of sexual assault before. Brian had to take legal action to establish paternity, which was confirmed by genetic testing. Currently, Brian and Tyna have joint custody of Kennedy.

Brian also had a brief fling with model and actress Jenny McCarthy in 2012, but their relationship was short-lived. Despite his past relationships, Brian appears to have found stability with his current wife, Jennipher Frost. In 2017, Brian filed a court appeal to remove Kennedy from Robertson’s custody after her husband was killed in their home. It’s clear that Brian has had some ups and downs in his personal life, but he remains committed to being a loving father to his children and a devoted partner to his wife.

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