Know about Diana Jenkins' Divorce!

Financial tycoon Roger Jenkins’s divorce from his Bosnian-born wife Diana was always going to be expensive given his personal wealth of £300 million, but the pair have shown that distancing yourself from someone doesn’t have to be unpleasant, even when millions are on the line.

Three years after their separation, the couple finally finalized their divorce in private and without an ugly dispute involving pricey attorneys.

Know about Diana Jenkins' Divorce!
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The former Bosnian refugee now ranks among the wealthiest 500 people in Britain together with her ex-husband after Mr. Jenkins, who amassed his fortune as a tax specialist at Barclays Bank, granted his wife £150 million.

Unusually, the former couple, who called their breakup “unconventional,” believe they have “the happiest divorce ever” and are still “best of friends.” Diana is even alleged to be “thrilled” about his current relationship with supermodel Elle Macpherson.

Mr. Jenkins has expressed to friends his love and respect for Diana as a mother, businesswoman, and wonderful wife.

“We have changed and are really content with the arrangements we have made for our life.” A very wonderful aspect of my life will always remain Diana.

According to sources, there was no dispute about the riches that Mr. Jenkins, 56, amassed over his ten years at Barclays.

The couple, who have two children and were married for 10 years, have peacefully divided their property portfolio, which includes opulent residences all around the world.

Their five-acre, £25 million clifftop villa with a view of Malibu Beach is in joint names, and Mr. Jenkins owns an adjacent house on the property while Diana, 37, resides in the main residence with their two daughters.

Mr. Jenkins, who lives in both Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Toronto, Canada, has purchased a home in the Santa Monica hills. The couple, who are said to be sharing their vacation property in Bosnia, sold the townhouse in Mrs. Jenkins’s name that they owned in Mayfair.

Their marble-floored boat Utopia, which Diana uses to host friends in the spotlight like George Clooney, will still be available for rent.

Her ex-husband spent last week at the lake home in Bosnia with their kids and Diana’s parents while she was taking a private vacation.

Diana, a now-successful entrepreneur with her own lucrative beverage line, has expressed to friends her happiness about the award and the fact that she and Mr. Jenkins have maintained their cordial relationship.

She recently told pals, “Everything is terrific, life is amazing, Roger is wonderful – class all the way to the end.” He has been and always will be my closest buddy. I will always adore him since he is my children’s father.

Diana, who moved from London to LA three years ago after the marriage divorced, is rumored to have been dating a younger guy for two years, according to The Mail on Sunday, while Mr. Jenkins is dating Miss Macpherson.

Despite appearing to be an unusual couple, he and the 48-year-old lingerie model were recently captured in photos while on vacation in Ibiza. They are reportedly quite happy together.

Mr. Jenkins, a former rugby player, and the amateur runner is a sports enthusiast who reportedly admires Elle’s love of the great outdoors. The divorce news implies that the connection is serious.

Diana and Mr. Jenkins divorced after their separation, but she stated she wasn’t in a rush and would wait until he found someone else, which he said: “is never going to happen.”

‘They say they have the happiest divorce ever, and they do,’ a friend said. Everyone is quite joyful. We all anticipated Diana would be upset that Roger found happiness with Elle, but she is ecstatic instead.

She genuinely admires Elle and wants Roger to be content. He appears to be, and the connection is highly important. Diana has been gushing about how wonderful her settlement is and how happy she is.

Mr. Jenkins, who is credited with salvaging Barclays at the height of the financial crunch, is still among the wealthiest individuals in the nation despite the record compensation. The Scots-born businessman placed 290th out of 2,000 on this year’s Sunday Times Rich List with a net worth of £272 million.

After becoming a managing partner in the $10 billion IPO of Brazilian bank BTG Pactual, he saw an increase of £122 million in his earnings from the previous year.

His wife is now listed for the first time at 457. She aims to increase her riches by serving as chairman of Neuro Brands, a brand of health beverages of which it is believed that her husband still owns a portion.

As a graduate trainee who joined Barclays in 2004 and earned more than £120 million in three years, Mr. Jenkins amassed his fortune there.

When he oversaw the legal but contentious tax evasion section at Barclays Capital, he used to be the highest-paid employee in the bank. After that, he moved on to run the Middle Eastern investment banking division.

His £4.5 billion investment in Barclays, which he obtained from Qatar and other Middle Eastern investors and which resulted in earnings of an estimated £30 million, is the subject of an investigation by the Financial Services Authority, according to a report last week.

He then participated in a consortium that funded an additional £7.3 billion. Although the acquisitions assisted Barclays in avoiding state takeover during the financial crisis, it was alleged that Middle Eastern investors were receiving a greater return on their investment than typical stockholders might anticipate.

The FSA declined to comment, but a Barclays insider said: “Who would not want to attract the Qataris when they spend £35 billion years on investment holdings — that is more than £100 billion in the years that the FSA seems to be interested in.”

It would have been absurd not to have made an effort to contact the Qatari administration. For Britain, receiving their money was advantageous. Why the FSA would want to look into this is a mystery to me.

In the past, Mr. Jenkins has given credit to his wife for aiding in the negotiations for the rescue from Qatar. Sanela Dijana Catic was her birth name, but she changed it when she moved to England from Sarajevo in 1993. Diana is a great networker.

She had no English proficiency, no family, and no money, yet she managed to save enough money to enroll in London’s City University. In the course of her stay there, she started an investment fund, where she also met her spouse. Their son Innis was born in 1999, the same year that they were married. Three years later, daughter Eneya was born.

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Mr. Jenkins vowed to be kind in the settlement negotiations when the couple split. He said to The Mail on Sunday last year: “Will she take half my money?” Of course. And with good reason. I wouldn’t have achieved anything close to my level of accomplishment without her.

Mr. Jenkins and his former spouse yesterday night both declined to speak.