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Netizens are asking if Tiffany Jenkins divorced her husband, Drew. The comedian has been open about her previous addictions and mental health issues.

Tiffany Jenkins is a comedian, podcast presenter, and recovering addict whose issues with anxiety have been reported on The Doctors and The Today Show.

Not to mention that she is a content producer with over 242k subscribers on YouTube.

The popular web personality’s career does not end there; she is also a best-selling book. She does have a wide range of abilities.


Tiffany Jenkins has not divorced her husband Drew; in fact, they celebrated their 8th wedding anniversary on February 16 little over a month ago.

According to the aforementioned information, the pair married in 2014. They allegedly met on a blind date and began dating shortly after.

She rose to prominence after disclosing her drug addiction experiences. In fact, she is quite dedicated to raising awareness about mental illness.

Previously, the comic led a charmed life with her live-in police officer partner and their dog, Tatum.

Back in 2012, she was allegedly spending $200 per day on her opioid problem and bartering sexual favors for narcotics prescriptions.

Things got so bad that the comic began stealing her boyfriend’s weapons for drug money. She was heavily addicted to narcotics.

When the now-clean comic found out she was expecting her first kid, she was terrified. She didn’t want the baby.

According to the reports, she attempted suicide after being imprisoned for allegedly stealing from her ex-boyfriend and his family.

However, the comedian is now clean and happily married to the father of her two children. She is happy with her life.

Not to mention Tiffany Jenkins is a caregiver for her husband Drew’s child, a daughter from a previous relationship.

She basically had only a few clothes during her first pregnancy. Her drug addiction had cost her nearly everything.

Her first thought was that she couldn’t possibly carry this pregnancy because she had nothing to offer her kid.

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But telling her now-husband Drew, whom she had only been seeing for two months, convinced her that it was the appropriate decision for them.

Tiffany had already experimented with various substances, but according to the author, she got “hardcore hooked” after using opiates.

She was apparently hooked on opiates for eight and a half years. Curiosity and ignorance drove the comedian’s addiction at first.

In truth, she leads a double life, working full-time while concealing her drug habit from her two-and-a-half-year partner.


In terms of Tiffany Jenkins’ family, her father, a former alcoholic, died in 2016.

He had given up booze just before the comedian was arrested. He paid Tiffany a visit in jail, and they apparently attended NA sessions together.

Apart from that, no information about her family has been made public. We will update the post as soon as we discover out.


Tiffany Jenkins is the mother of three children, two from her husband Drew, and one from Drew’s prior relationship.

Drew’s prior relationship’s child; the girl is now nine years old. Her son and daughter with Drew are 4 and 5, respectively.

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