Gabriel Iglesias Car Collection – Everything in Detail!

Gabriel Iglesias Car Collection - Everything in Detail!

Gabriel Iglesias reportedly owns an incredible collection of Volkswagen Buses that is worth $3 million. The man has all types of mementos to honor what is undoubtedly his favorite vintage vehicle in the garage where he stores these vintage Volkswagens, which is known as the Fluffy Museum.

The garage where Iglesias parks his cars is decorated to look like the Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg, Germany. This article’s companion film gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the comedian’s collection, which includes a 1967 Volkswagen Bus Westfalia Camper that Iglesias elegantly renovated after purchasing it. Additionally, he has a Type 2 vehicle decked out in chrome and given a roof.

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Unsurprisingly, Iglesias claims that Jay Leno was a factor in his choice to collect so many vintage Volkswagens. Iglesias was persuaded by Leno during a chat between the two comedians that investing in assets that will increase in value over time is a fantastic method to profit from an investment. Iglesias undoubtedly heeded this counsel.

Iglesias claims that once the guy dies, the Fluffy Museum in Long Beach, California, will actually transform into a public museum. The comic apparently intends to exhibit his love once this life is over, so why not now? Is he never going to sell the automobiles if they are investments? Iglesias’ remarks probably don’t need too much thought; instead, you should chuckle and carry on.

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In addition to collecting Volkswagen Buses, Iglesias also has several scarce Beetles. One is a 1950 model, the first year the automobiles were brought to the country, and it is one of just three that still exist.

The whole fleet of vehicles owned by Gabriel Iglesias is not a Volkswagen. The muscle vehicles are blatant proof that the comic has a craving for speed. Among the vehicles he owns are a Dodge Charger Hellcat, a Challenger Hellcat, and a contemporary Pontiac Trans Am that was made from a Camaro and had Burt Reynolds’ autograph on the dash.