Gus Johnson Controversy - EXPLAINED!
Gus Johnson Controversy - EXPLAINED!
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Gus Johnson, a YouTuber, and Abelina Sabrina Rios, commonly known as Abelina Sabrina, were once romantically involved. After Rios complained in a recent video about the lack of support she felt she had from a partner during her ectopic pregnancy, Johnson came under fire.
Rios’ video has accumulated over 227,000 views and innumerable pro-Rios comments since it was released on October 22.
Johnson has now apologized for the incident, despite Rios’s declaration that she is not yet prepared to forgive. Johnson apologized and announced he will cease conducting his podcast and live performances. Different Twitter users responded differently to this.

Who is Gus Johnson?

Johnson is a YouTuber who mostly focuses on humorous scenarios and skits with artists from various fields. He even regularly collaborated with Rios while assuming various guises.
Johnson also co-hosts the Gus and Eddy Podcast with another comic. Johnson has been touring the country performing live comedy.

They split up in 2021 after dating Rios for more than two years. Their connection was the main subject of Rios’ most recent video.

Rios spent three years working for Walt Disney Entertainment prior to publishing videos on the network, where most of them are humorous skits.

Was There Anything Abelina Sabrina Had to Say About Gus Johnson?

In the video, Rios described how her ectopic pregnancy developed to the point where one of her fallopian tubes burst.
Her spouse at the time demanded that they go out for drinks for work even though she had suggested that she needed to visit a doctor since she felt unwell.
She later said that despite her best efforts to suppress her feelings and seem as if everything was normal, she occasionally needed to rely on him for trips to the hospital. She said that he would say, “Anyone else would have left you by now,” and would also discuss how her disability was making his life difficult.

Because I don’t want that, she said, “the absence of support was really challenging, and I had to try to restrict these outbursts via treatment.” I don’t want to get reliant on Xanex or Addavan to attempt to dull the agony of whatever I sense is starting to creep on. It was awful, and every time I would beg for help—I am unable to drive myself—to take me to urgent care, he would reply, “Oh well, call the advice nurse, and then I’ll take you. He would then insist on listening to the calls to make sure I wasn’t exaggerating my problems.

She also claimed he would “correct” her in front of the medical professionals since he insisted on going to her visits out of worry that she could, in her words, “exaggerate my difficulties.”

What has Gus Johnson stated in response to Abelina Sabrina’s accusations?

Rios didn’t specifically mention Johnson, a fellow YouTuber, but many thought he was the boyfriend. Shortly after, Rios replied to comments begging for Johnson to come forward.

“I’m aware of a recent video that calls out some behaviors that I’m not proud of,” he wrote in an apologetic tweet. The scenario was complicated and unpleasant for both of us, but I can’t imagine how tough it was for her.

To manage the intricacies of a lengthy, severe medical crisis, we lacked experience and were badly equipped. After this time, we had conversations, went to counseling, and therapy together, and I understood my actions and admitted my mistake. I want her to know how really sorry I am.

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“I am well aware of the mistakes I made, and I wish I could go back and alter the emotions and actions I had at the time. I’ve grown a lot since then, and I wish I’d known then what I know now. I’ll continue to grow as a person and strive to improve every day.

Many people agreed with his remarks, although there were divergent views on his apologies on the page’s comments area.

One user commented, “Can’t believe so many people are just gushing, “Good reaction, you’re a good dude,” for a person who plainly and definitely was still making poor choices as recently as last month. I wish you success in getting the help you need.