All the way to the altar! Clarissa Molina, a Dominican actor and communicator, and Vicente Saavedra, a Dominican businessman, have announced their engagement.

Clarissa Molina and Vicente Saavedra are Engaged

The happily in love couple, who have been together for eight months, spoke exclusively with Hola USA magazine about their romantic proposal on a beach in the Virgin Islands two weeks ago.

At Christmas, the artsy businessman chatted with his Dominican family, who gave him their blessing, and from there he planned everything until the ring was customized by Ozuna and Daddy Yankee’s jeweler.

“This artwork, which is fantastic, was thrown at him.” The ring is fantastic; it’s stunning, and he wanted it to be as unique as our relationship. The considerable value, in addition to what it may be worth. He informed me that I deserved a ring like the one he’s giving me,” Molina stated.

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Clarissa Molina and Vicente Saavedra Proposal

They travelled to the Virgin Islands, where he encouraged her to watch the sunset with him. He grabbed her hand and began telling her about his feelings for her:

“I told her, ‘My darling, I want to talk to you,’ and we strolled down the beach’s edge, and I told her that I had never felt so good… if she felt the same way.” Yes, she replied. Then she discovers something, and I turn her around to see the letters ‘Marry me‘ written in the sand, and I knelt down to make her feel like a queen. I told her everything I was feeling, and she had a cell phone at the moment, which she dropped or flung, causing her to cry, and we hugged. “When she answered yes, everyone came out of hiding to celebrate,” she added.

The reporter from “El Gordo y la Flaca,” for her part, had no idea what was going on, even though she knew what was going to happen, but she wasn’t there.

“Everything was absolutely special.” I knew this was the man from the moment we met. “Everything has been flawless from the beginning, the way it has unfolded,” the Dominican stated.

They plan to marry towards the end of this year or the beginning of next, with the ceremony taking place in either Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, or Miami, “which is in the middle of both.”

“As I told you, there is no time or space in love,” the actress said to those who thought it was very fast. People will exclaim, “Oh, so fast!” It doesn’t matter that my sister-in-law married my brother after three months and they’ve been together for 28 years.

The Dominican beauty admitted to having a relationship with the businessman and father of three daughters in September 2021. They’ve been inseparable ever then.

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Who is Vicente Saavedra?

Vicente Saavedra is a well-known record producer. He founded his own record label, “Dmelo Vi,” a few years ago, with which he launched Ozuna’s career. Today, I collaborate with Anuel AAAand Olga Tanyon, as well as Nicky Jam.

The echo of the time he and Ozuna agreed to walk away and break all types of bonds so frequently was still there. To be honest, the breakup with him had a big impact on me. It’s been a year full of ups and downs for both of us.” During an interview with the Puerto Rican publication El Vocero, Vicente Saavedra said.

“After so much success, it was difficult to handle a breakup in a really chilly fashion, especially when you love the artist,” he said.

In terms of his personal life, he is the father of three young daughters with whom he shares a lavish lifestyle and frequent travels.

Vicente Saavedra’s Net Worth

AMOUNT: $1 Million

Disclaimer: The figures for Vicente Saavedra’s net worth have been estimated using a number of different socioeconomic criteria. Please note that this is simply a rough estimate, and Vicente Saavedra’s real earnings may differ significantly from those represented. The most amount of money he has come from managing Ozuna, who is the wealthiest reggaeton artist.

Clarissa Molina’s Net Worth

AMOUNT: $37.1 Million

Disclaimer: The figures for Clarissa Molina’s net worth have been generated using a variety of social criteria. Please note that this is simply a rough estimate, and Clarissa Molina’s real earnings may differ significantly from those displayed.

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