Many people assumed Conan Gray and Olivia Rodrigo were dating after seeing his nice Instagram post about her. They are, however, merely good buddies.

Olivia and Canon have been doing exceptionally well in the music industry. Given this, it’s no wonder that the two have a tight and personal relationship.

Conan decided to send a special greeting for Olivia on her birthday, but it drew a lot of attention.

Conan shared a series of images he took with Olivia on Instagram on February 20. While the initial photo appears to be ordinary, as fans browse through them, it becomes clear that the singer has shared some of their favourite moments together.

Needless to say, we adore their friendship, and the photos show that they are a blast to be around. Conan also included a beautiful message with the photographs, which read:  “happy bday my liv <3 my heart has been looking for yours for a long long time. love u endlessly.”

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Some individuals were perplexed by the caption, which appeared to be a proclamation of love. In truth, the two are merely extremely good friends and are not dating.

A Glance At Their Friendship

Taylor Swift was the catalyst for Conan and Olivia’s friendship. According to People, the two are ardent admirers of the artist and were on board together to promote the Fearless album.

There have been other occasions since then when the two have been seen together. Canon and Olivia’s friendship can make anyone envious, from spending Halloween to attending the American Music Awards.

Olivia and Canon have been supporting each other’s music in addition to having fun together. While the two aren’t dating, their relationship is something to admire.

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Is There Anyone They Are Dating?

Conan has kept his personal life private and has never publicly confirmed a relationship.

Olivia had been dating Adam Faze, a producer, at the time. However, a source told People on February 17 that they had broken up. “They’ve been over for a while,” the person stated. Olivia has not officially verified anything as of yet.

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