Is Eminem dating Nicki Minaj? Is Nicki Minaj dating the rap God? The media is often buzzing with celebrity dating rumours. Eminem, the rap god, is often in the news due to his chaotic personal life. Furthermore, Nicki, hip-most hop’s powerful woman, is recognised for her outspokenness. Their dating speculations are rife because Nicki hinted at a connection with Eminem in an Instagram post in 2018. She posted a verse to rapper YG’s song “Big Bank” in which she criticises Eminem. Furthermore, when a fan inquired if she was dating Eminem?

‘Yes,’ was her response.

That was more than enough for the news to spread like wildfire. It appears to be a little of teasing, but Eminem’s response turns the rumour into a hot topic of conversation. Following then, the rumour of two datings made the news. This rumour will be discussed in this article.

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Kim Scott, Eminem’s Ex-Wife, Admitted To Hospital After Attempting Suicide.

Eminem And Kim Scott

Eminem had have a rough last year. Kim Scott, Eminem’s ex-wife, was reportedly hospitalised last year after attempting suicide.

The Detroit rapper’s estranged wife was brought to the hospital on July 30 after attempting suicide at her Michigan home, according to a TMZ report on Wednesday (Aug. 11). According to law enforcement officials, police and paramedics were dispatched to the property in response to a suicidal call. Kim was said to be aggressive and had to be restrained by authorities.

Kim Scott’s vitals could not be checked because she was so resistant and aggressive when medics came. She had many tiny lacerations on the backs of her legs and a good amount of blood on the floor, so she appeared to have cut herself.


However much we may want to see them together and despite the fact that they would form a powerful celebrity couple – No, Nicki Minaj and Eminem are not dating at the moment or at least they haven’t made any such announcement.

Is Eminem Dating Nicki Minaj? All About The Rumored Relationship

As we mentioned, Nicki spoke about Eminem in a stanza of her song “Big Bank” in 2018, sparking dating rumours (by rapper YG). She sang:

Told ’em I met Slim Shady

Bag the Em

Once he go black he’ll be back again.

The speculation was stoked further when a fan (via NME) asked the ‘Tusa’ singer, “Are you dating Eminem?”

In answer, Nicki wrote, “Yes.”

Is Eminem Dating Nicki Minaj? All About The Rumored Relationship

That, however, was just a joke, as the singer later told TMZ that she was merely taunting her followers on social media for fun.

Now keep in mind that all this was way back in the past so it wouldn’t be surprising if the rumours turn out to be true.

We will keep an eye on updates and would be among the first to provide you with the latest details about the couple.

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