Jess is a stand-up comedian who has been on VH1, BET, and other networks. Jess is a Baltimore native who rose to fame thanks to her 4.6 million Instagram followers and stand-up comedy acts.

Her part “Jess With The Mess” has become a social media sensation, and she is a dedicated mother who constantly films her son Ashton. Her wit is razor-sharp and unflinching. Jess isn’t shy when it comes to being amusing.

Is Jess Hilarious Dating Daniel Parsons?

Jess Hilarious and her boyfriend, Daniel Parsons, will star in the show’s second season, which is now in production. They’ve been dating for eight months, but they’ve known one other for four years.

Is it feasible for Kountry Wayne and Jess Hilarious to get along? The Laughing Couple When she originally debuted on VH1 and MTV’s Improv Comedy – Wild ‘N Out, her stage name was Jess Hilarious, but she has since modified it to Jessica Robin Moore. Her initial performances on the show were in Seasons 9 and 10, after which she returned for Season 15.

Is Jess Hilarious' Dating Anyone?

She’s made a name for herself as a promising actress and aspiring entrepreneur. Jess took the decision to leave her job when she was young in order to pursue her dreams. She hoped that her distinctive and funny attitude would be able to delight others.

Jess, on the other hand, has become enmeshed in the scenario. Her association with artist Kountry Wayne has helped her gain notoriety. Apart from anything else, Jess’s dream job is to be a movie star. Jess makes an appearance on All Def Comedy as a guest. For her song “Clapback,” she became the first celebrity to win a BET social award. Her new hairline is called Fifty Strands of Jess.

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She earns money by marketing her videos on Instagram, where she has a five-million-strong following. Her main source of income is her Instagram reel. Her clever humor has earned her a wide following, which has opened up new doors for them.

Jess has remained in the public eye while not sharing much about her personal life. Since the story of Jessica and Kountry’s relationship went viral, many people wondered if they are dating.


Jessica Robin Moore was born in Maryland to an Afro-American household. Kevin Moore is her father’s name, and Robin Moore is her mother’s name. Her family is incredibly supportive and concerned about her well-being.

Jess grew up in Maryland with her two siblings. She is currently residing in the United States of America with her child. Before coming to college, she attended a local high school.

Professional Life

Jess Hilarious got her start in the industry by making humorous videos and posting them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. She rose to prominence after appearing on an episode of MTV’s “Wilder Escape.”

While still in the ‘Rel’ performance, Jess Hilarious began her career as a performer. She started by sharing amusing videos on social media. She is currently writing articles about her day-to-day activities.

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In the Jess with the Mess series, he is best recognized for his portrayal of Jess. Jess instantly realized that such work would be too monotonous for her. At the 2018 BET Social Awards, she was also honored.

Net Worth

Is Jess Hilarious' Dating Anyone?

In 2022, Jess Hilarious’ net worth is expected to exceed $5 million. Her net worth was primarily derived from comedy videos and television performances. He generates money from an e-commerce business called ‘Fifty Strands of Jess,’ which she operates. Her monthly earnings are in the neighborhood of $25,000 USD.

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