Is John Travolta Gay? Everything We Know!

As a movie star who helps define masculine macho for a new age, John Travolta makes waves. In the late 1970s, he had roles in successful movies including Grease and Saturday Night Fever. In the movies, the star is portrayed as a womaniser who knows how to obtain what he wants from women. The actor’s image as a womaniser has recently been used by the Church of Scientology to hide his homosexuality! Join Facts Verse as new details almost reveal John Travolta’s homosexuality.

Numerous individuals have claimed to have had gay encounters with John Travolta throughout his Hollywood career. Doug Gotterba, a pilot, is one of the men having a love affair with John Travolta. Doug claims to have had a six-year love relationship with John Travolta throughout the 1980s. Despite the fact that John Travolta’s camp continues to deny Doug’s stories are true. His stories are full with peculiar details that he has a hard time making up. They also line up with charges of similar behaviour from the movie star made by a number of other guys.

The Homosexuality Of John Travolta

According to John Travolta’s PR firm, there is a plot to portray him as a homosexual. He has always been heterosexual. Paul Barresi, a porn performer, was the first to come forward with charges that John Travolta was disguising his true sexuality from the public. Paul told his John Travolta story in 1990. He and John Travolta had been dating for two years. 1983-1985. Obviously, if Paul’s claim is true, John was cheating on Doug Gotterba with Paul Barresi. John would be a hypocrite given how hard he pushed Doug because he feared he was cheating.

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Paul Barresi claims John Travolta met him at a gay bathhouse and they began dating. Paul had directed some of the porn star’s explicit films, which John may have recognised. Paul said they had sex dozens of times that night after John approached him. Two years passed after the first date. Like Doug Gotterba, Paul reported that things got awkward between him and John Travolta, with the actor becoming obsessed.

John Travolta’s Sexuality In Hollywood Is An Open Secret

Aside from the individuals who have accused John Travolta of being gay, the actor’s late close friend Carrie Fisher has stated that John’s homosexuality was an open secret in Hollywood. According to Carrie Fisher, all the Hollywood ladies knew John Travolta was gay and didn’t care. It’s unclear how Carrie’s public comments about John’s sexuality impacted their alleged wonderful friendship.

If Hollywood’s ladies never worried that John Travolta was gay, Scientology may be a different story. The church has some strongly homophobic teachings, and many feel they forced John Travolta to hide his sexuality. This controversial church may have used some of its resources to assist discredit those who have made complaints against the movie star.

While many think John Travolta’s long-standing homosexuality is an open secret in Hollywood, the star and his camp deny it.

Doug Gotterba’s Rumored Romance With John Travolta

‘Doug Gotterba met John Travolta in 1981’ Doug claims the records confirm it, citing their working relationship. Doug Gotterba was one of the candidates interviewed by John Travolta for a new pilot. According to Doug, they met in February and fell in love in the fall of the same year. On their first date, they dine at the Hyatt Carmel Highlands in California.

Doug claims John Travolta invited him up to his room for a massage after their first dinner. Doug accepts the invitation and alleges the massage rapidly turned sexual. Six years pass before the relationship ends owing to rising tensions later in the 1980s. As a result, John hides his actual sexuality and compulsive tendencies from the public. John Travolta appears to be worried that Doug is cheating on him. John goes to Doug’s residence and steals his stuff to locate proof of infidelity.

Is John Travolta Gay? Everything We Know!

Their romance begins as a fairy-tale romance between the movie star and his new pilot. John and Doug visit Kenya, Amsterdam, and Hawaii. John takes particular care to keep the public unaware of the star’s true intentions. He takes a girlfriend on the excursions to appear heterosexual. While Doug sneaks into the movie star’s room to canoodle away from curious eyes.

John Travolta And Doug Gotterba’s Public Relationship

He first appreciated the privacy of his purported John Travolta romance. Doug believes John’s public romance with Brooke Shields was his idea. John’s romance with Brooke serves as a cover for his homosexual friendship with his pilot. Doug believes John and Brooke never had any chemistry. Doug is happy to be John’s secret lover, but the secret becomes too much for the pilot. Doug ends his relationship with the star because of the secrecy and John’s obsession.

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Is John Travolta Gay? Everything We Know!

Doug claims he accidentally ran into the movie actress after their 1980s romance. The unexpected encounter occurred in 1992, after John had married Kelly Preston. John confirms that he is still having relationships with men while married to Doug. Doug continued telling about his affair with the actress till the 2010s. Others accuse John Travolta of hiding his true sexuality by the time Doug comes forward. I

Prior to pilot Doug Gotterba revealing his alleged six-year romance with actor John Travolta. Two anonymous male masseuses had made charges against John. They said the star improperly fondled them while they massaged him. After John Travolta provided an alibi, the first of these anonymous male masseurs retracted his accusations. That he couldn’t have been where he was said to be. When Doug Gotterba came forward with his own stories, John Travolta’s team reminded the public of the original anonymous male masseuse’s fraudulent charges, which John’s alibi proved.