Is Steve Harvey Getting A Divorce? Complete Info!

Steve Harvey has been married twice, and fans hoped the third time would be the charm, but is Steve Harvey divorcing? Steve and her third wife are reportedly divorcing. But they seemed very content. Steve is a highly successful stand-up comedian. He has six Daytime Emmys. And this isn’t the first time Steve’s divorce rumours have surfaced online. In 2019, the couple posted an Instagram video saying they are still strong and no power in the world can separate them. No video appeared on their Instagram feeds this time.

Steve Harvey and his current wife, Marjorie Bridges, are living happily ever after. Steve claims she made him more responsible and better. One of his interviews said Marjorie made him fall in love with himself when he couldn’t. He said she taught him self-love and never let him put work before anything else. Steve adored her.

Is Steve Harvey Getting A Divorce? Complete Info!

Is Steve Harvey Divorcing His Wife?

No, Steve Harvey isn’t divorcing his wife. The couple celebrated their anniversary on June 25, 2021, and Steve shared an adorable video of the two of them spending time together. We Celebrated Our Anniversary Together was the caption on the video. Marjorie also shared an IGtv video a few days ago in which Steve is smoking a cigar and Marjorie is eating Kona ice cream. The pair appeared to be having a nice time and were on vacation. After they finished their ice cream, Steve accompanied his wife to a cigar shop to introduce her to a new type of cigar. The feisty duo posed for the camera while smoking a cigar together.

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As a result, a couple contemplating to divorce will not take a vacation, and if they do, they will not post their photos and videos online. So, Steve Harvey isn’t getting divorced, and his marriage with his wife is still going strong. Steve’s children will be raised by them. Marjorie and Steve have become grandparents, and she continues to update her Facebook page with pictures of her grandchildren. She adores children and spends a lot of time with them.

Steve Harvey’s Third Wife: How Did They Meet?

In one of her interviews, Marjorie revealed that she met Steve at a comedy concert where she was late and looking for job. She expressed her expectation that Steve would assign her some task. But he couldn’t take his gaze away from her. After a while, she began to notice that this man was staring at her. So she simply inquired as to what had occurred. Steve responded by apologising for making her feel uncomfortable. And whoever she is, he added. Steve had no choice but to marry her.

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For Steve, it was love at first sight, but Marjorie wasn’t so foolish. She only entered a relationship with Steve after she was certain of him and that he was willing to change for her. They married in 2007 and have been happily married ever since. Marjorie, Steve has conceded, gets the best of him. No one has ever seen this side of him. He claimed that after meeting her, she grasped the true meaning of having a positive influence on others. He referred to his wife as a constructive and beneficial influence. Even after 24 years of marriage, the pair is still madly in love. The love story of Steve and Marjorie is pure gold, and they will continue to live happily ever after.