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Is Val Kilmer Still Alive? Here’s What We Know So Far

Is Val Kilmer Still Alive? Here's What We Know So Far

Val Edward Kilmer, an American actor, was born on December 31, 1959. He began his career as a stage actor but gained popularity after starring in a series of comedy films including Top Secret! (1984) and Real Genius (1985). Kilmer also had notable roles in the military action film Top Gun (1986) and the fantasy film Willow (1988).

Val Kilmer, who is currently 63 years old, privately battled throat cancer for two years from 2015 to 2017. During this time, he kept his diagnosis a secret and did not publicly address questions about his health. It was only later that he opened up about his experience with the illness.

With the hoax about actor Val Kilmer’s death, many people are left wondering about the current status of his well-being. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Kilmer’s life i.e. if Val is still alive, and his current health status.

Val Kilmer Is Alive And Healthy

There was a recent false report about the death of actor Val Kilmer which quickly spread and caused worry among his fans worldwide. The report, which surfaced in April 2023, has since been confirmed as a hoax and is just one in a series of fake celebrity death reports.

On Saturday, rumors about the supposed death of Val Kilmer began to circulate after a Facebook page titled ‘R.I.P. Val Kilmer’ gained almost one million likes. The page included a convincing account of the American actor’s supposed passing for those who read the ‘About’ section.

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Fortunately, Kilmer, who is famous for his performances in movies such as The Doors, Willow, and Top Gun, is alive and well, and his health is good.

What Health Issues Did Val Kilmer Face?

In 2005, Val Kilmer was hospitalized over concerns that he may have had a tumor. He later clarified on social media that he has never had a tumor or surgery. However, according to reports from the Hollywood News, Kilmer privately battled throat cancer for two years, during which time medical treatments affected his voice and breathing.

Kilmer was able to overcome the illness after undergoing radiation, chemotherapy, and a tracheostomy surgery, which permanently affected his voice. Today, at 62 years old, Kilmer is cancer-free and is featured on the cover of the latest issue of PEOPLE magazine. In the new Amazon Original Documentary “Val,” the actor reveals a side of himself that fans have never seen before.

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What Is Val Kilmer’s Net Worth In 2023?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Val Kilmer’s net worth is approximately $25 million in 2023. Despite his acting career slowing down in recent years due to health issues, Kilmer was a prominent and in-demand actor in the 1990s. He earned large salaries for major projects such as Batman Forever and The Saint. Apart from acting, Kilmer has also earned a considerable portion of his wealth through theater work, side projects, and the sale of a significant property in New Mexico.

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