Jo Mersa Marley Passed Away At The Age Of 31!

A representative for the late singer told Rolling Stone on December 27 that Joseph “Jo Mersa” Marley had died. He was the son of Stephen Marley and the grandson of Bob Marley. There is no known reason why the person died. People in the public eye have spoken out since his death to honor the musician, who was born in Jamaica, and the music he leaves behind.

Andrew Holness, the prime minister of Jamaica, sent a tweet on December 27 to Joseph’s friends and coworkers to express his sadness over his death. He also told the Reggae music community and fans around the world that he was sorry for their loss. He was only 31 years old when he died, and the music industry’s hopes for the future were crushed by his death.

Jo Mersa Marley Passed Away At The Age Of 31!

Holness also said, “May he find Eternal Peace as we mourn his loss during this season of goodwill when we celebrate our love for each other with family and friends” Mark J. Golding, who is the leader of the People’s National Party, also said on the app that Jo Mersa’s death was “tragic.”

Ziggy Marley is the son of Stephen Marley and the grandson of Bob Marley. On December 27, Golding wrote on Twitter, “A talented young reggae artist, son of Stephen Marley and grandson of Bob Marley at only 31 years old.” Stephen and the rest of the family are in my thoughts and prayers after their terrible loss. Jo Mersa was exposed to music at a young age because she was the youngest child of musicians Ziggy, Sharon, and Cedella Marley. In 2014, he talked about how the Melody Makers invited him on stage to help with the famous song “Look Who’s Dancing.”

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In 2014, Jo Mersa told Rolling Stone that she and her siblings “would just give us the mic at a certain time and let us sing our favorite part of the song.” Soon, Jo Mersa’s own music would be on the market. Rolling Stone said that his first EP, Comfortable, came out in 2014 and had dancehall, R&B, and electronic dance music (EDM) on it.

Jo Mersa Marley Passed Away At The Age Of 31!

Even though Jo Mersa was already a legend in the reggae scene, he wanted to try new things with his music, which led to this project. He said more about this when he told Rolling Stone in 2014, “I am one of the new generations of Marleys, but I am still experimenting at the same time.” My goal is to make something new from my background.

Jo Mersa would keep putting out music after her first EP came out. After Everlasting comes out in 2020, the seven-song EP Eternal will come out in 2021. (Remixes).

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Take Away

Joseph “Jo Mersa” Marley, son of Stephen Marley and grandson of Bob Marley, died, a representative for the late musician told Rolling Stone on December 27. No one knows why people die. After his death, many well-known people spoke up to honor the Jamaican-born musician and the music he left behind.