Julia Roberts Plastic Surgery: Here’s What We Know

An American actress, Julia Fiona Roberts, was born on October 28, 1967. She is popularly known for her remarkable lead roles in movies that span various genres, and for which she has received numerous accolades, including an Academy Award, a British Academy Film Award, and three Golden Globe Awards.

Julia Roberts’ movies have collectively earned over $3.9 billion worldwide, and as a result, she is regarded as one of Hollywood’s most commercially successful actresses.

While several celebrities opt for cosmetic surgery to maintain or enhance their public image, Julia Roberts has firmly stated that she would not resort to such procedures. Instead, the Academy Award winner relies on conventional methods to improve her appearance.

Julia Roberts’ Views On Plastic Surgery

Julia Roberts has shared that she uses baking soda while brushing her teeth, inspired by her grandfather who used to pile a huge amount of it on his toothbrush. She attributes her having had only one cavity in her entire life to this practice. Additionally, Roberts has focused on embracing her natural features to maintain her beauty rather than opting for cosmetic surgery. She is content with simply using chapstick and moisturizer as part of her daily routine.

Despite her convictions, Roberts acknowledges that her decision to not have a facelift may have been a risky move in Hollywood. Nevertheless, she has informed Lancome that she aspires to be an aging model and intends to continue modeling for at least five more years until she is over 50.

Julia Roberts Plastic Surgery: Here's What We Know

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For some individuals, aging is a significant factor in their decision to undergo surgery. However, Julia Roberts has openly expressed her disagreement with the idea of using surgery as a means to delay the effects of aging. She believes that this mentality is indicative of a broader societal problem that must be confronted, particularly among younger women.

In a 2010 interview with Elle, Julia Roberts expressed her dismay that many women are afraid to see themselves as elderly individuals in today’s distorted and fearful society. She believes it is crucial to have a general idea of what one will look like in old age before making drastic decisions such as undergoing cosmetic surgery. Roberts also emphasized that such procedures may cause substantial physical alterations that may not always be desirable.

Julia Roberts’ Dissatisfying Experience With The Results Of Plastic Surgery

According to reports, Julia Roberts revealed to Access Hollywood that she had experimented with Botox once but had an adverse reaction that left her looking shocked for a few months. Despite her negative experience, she refrained from criticizing individuals who choose to undergo surgery.

Julia Roberts Plastic Surgery: Here's What We Know

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However, she did make a subtle reference to the potential harm that such procedures can cause to a person’s body. Roberts maintained that she does not want to judge those who are unable to move their lips or head, and if having a chin resting on one’s forehead makes them happy, she is supportive of their choice.