All About Julius Randle’s Wife, Kendra Randle, And Their Relationship

Julius Deion Randle is an American basketball player who plays in the National Basketball Association (NBA) for the New York Knicks. He has been an NBA All-Star twice and on the All-NBA Team twice. In 2021, he won the NBA Most Improved Player Award.

Julius Deion Randle is not only known for his skills on the court but also for the unwavering support of his wife, Kendra Randle. The couple’s love story began during their time at the University of Kentucky, where they met and fell in love. Since then, they have built a strong foundation of love, family, and shared passions. Let’s take a closer look at the life of Julius Randle’s wife and how she has become a successful entrepreneur in the fashion industry.

Julius Randle And Kendra Randle Are College Sweethearts: The Start Of Something Special

Julius Randle and Kendra Randle’s love story started during their college days at the University of Kentucky. Julius, playing for the university’s basketball team, crossed paths with Kendra, who was studying fashion design and merchandising. Despite their young age, they knew they had something extraordinary. After a few years of dating, they decided to start a family and tied the knot in 2017.

Kendra and Julius first crossed paths at a college party in 2013, where they were introduced by mutual friends on Kendra’s 20th birthday. Their connection was immediate, and even though they didn’t speak much that night, they were drawn to each other. Reflecting on their first encounter, Kendra mentioned in an interview with Wedding Style Magazine that Julius’ manners were unusual for the average college guy, and she knew he was different.

All About Julius Randle's Wife, Kendra Randle, And Their Relationship

Their relationship blossomed, and in June 2016, Julius surprised Kendra with a romantic trip to Santorini, Greece, where he proposed. Kendra was completely caught off guard, believing that Julius hadn’t brought a ring with him. To her delight, he did, and she joyfully shared the news on Instagram, announcing their engagement and expressing her love and excitement for their future together.

In an interview with the New York Post, Julius expressed his love and admiration for Kendra, stating that she was the perfect person for him, regardless of their age. Their love has remained steadfast through various moves across the country for Julius’ basketball career, from Los Angeles to New Orleans and finally to New York City.

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Meet Kendra Randle: The Entrepreneur And Fashion Enthusiast

Kendra Randle is not only a loving wife and mother but also a talented entrepreneur in the fashion industry. In October 2020, she launched her own fashion line called KALORE. As the founder and CEO, Kendra is the driving force behind the brand, and she also serves as its face, modeling many of the clothing offerings on the brand’s website.

All About Julius Randle's Wife, Kendra Randle, And Their Relationship

With a background in fashion design and merchandising from the University of Kentucky, Kendra’s passion and entrepreneurial spirit, which she credits her grandparents for instilling in her, helped turn her dream of owning a fashion brand into a reality. Her vision for KALORE, as she shared in an interview with Natfluence, is to inspire women to feel sexy and strong through her intricately crafted designs. Kendra’s mission is to empower women and create a collaborative work environment by having an all-female staff and team working alongside her to deliver quality and trendy fashion wear for everyone.

Kendra greatly values Julius’ input and opinion on her designs. She often seeks his advice when making decisions, such as choosing between fabrics or colors. It’s clear that fashion is not only Kendra’s passion but also a shared interest between her and Julius, adding another layer to their strong bond as a couple.

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Know About Julius And Kendra’s Kids

Julius and Kendra are proud parents to two sons, Kyden and Jaycey. In August 2016, Kendra took to Instagram to announce her pregnancy, sharing a photo of a baby Lakers jersey with “Randle” and Julius’ number, 30, written on the back. The couple eagerly awaited the arrival of their first child, and on December 23, 2016, their son Kyden Jay Randle was born.

Kyden, now six years old, often accompanies his mother to his father’s games, showcasing his fashionable outfits while sitting courtside. His impeccable style has even caught the attention of renowned streetwear brand Kith, leading to modeling opportunities for the young fashion enthusiast.

All About Julius Randle's Wife, Kendra Randle, And Their Relationship

In June 2021, Kendra announced that their family would be expanding once again. She shared heartwarming photos from a family maternity shoot, captioning them with the exciting news of their growing family. On October 16, 2021, Jaycey, their second son, was born. Kendra continued the tradition of incorporating basketball jerseys into their birth announcements, posting a photo of Jaycey lying on his father’s New York Knicks jersey.

The Randle family has embraced their new dynamics and cherished every milestone together. In April 2022, Baby Jaycey had the privilege of joining his family at Madison Square Garden for the first time. To commemorate the occasion, Kendra shared a carousel of photos, capturing precious moments of the family of four, all dressed in matching neutral tones, posing on the iconic basketball court.