“I don’t employ a hair and makeup squad. Just myself, my nightshirt, and my coffee are all I have.”

Kaley Cuoco is renowned for posting authentic content on Instagram, from sweaty abs-on-full-display exercise photos to behind-the-scenes photos of The Big Bang Theory (RIP). The actress, 34, just published what could be her most relatable post yet. The Instagram video is a no-makeup, bedhead-filled installment of her new “Wake Me Up Before You Cuoco” series.

Kaley Cuoco's Skin Totally Glows In A New No-Makeup Instagram Video!
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She remarked, “I don’t have a crew of hair and makeup artists here to make me look better. I only have myself, my nightshirt, a shoddy phone stand (which is really perched on my orchid plant), and my coffee.

Kaley then discussed the early casting calls for The Flight Attendant, a new HBO series she is producing. Kaley also talked about her morning throat gurgling and how much she loves coffee, particularly Nespresso.

Kaley also made fun of how bad her debut music video is (and who doesn’t like a self-aware celebrity?). She declared, “I want these episodes to be the most boring thing you’ll ever watch.” “Just a female chatting about her nightshirt and wishes she got more sleep, sans her hair and makeup crew.”

Despite Kaley’s accusations that it is “boring,” the video is adorable and provides a fascinating glimpse into her daily routine since, despite the fact that she is not wearing any makeup and is sporting a bedhead style, she still manages to look stunning.

What gives Kaley that “I woke up like this” radiance, then? Kaley gushed about using Lancer Dani Glowing Skin Perfector in 2017. She said on Instagram, “Ok, this is my absolute fave thing out there right now.” And it’s flawless. Without including mascara, that’s literally all that’s on my skin. You won’t need anything else because it is so luminous and dewy.

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Previously, Kaley admitted to Popsugar that her skin wasn’t always in such terrific shape. In her own words, “I had acne as a youngster and it made me so nervous to go on television.” When you’re in a television series, that’s not good. Kaley claims she soon began using Lancer products, which she claims helped her skin clean up.

Evidently, she just looks that wonderful when she wakes up.

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