While some Hollywood celebs are rekindling their romances (or staging elaborate public relations stunts), others are intentionally ending long-term partnerships. After almost eight years of marriage, actress Kate Bosworth announced that she and Michael Polish had called it quits.

On Thursday, August 5, Bosworth shared an important update on her personal life with her Instagram fans in a long post. She stated in flowery terms that she and Polish had decided to go their own ways in the statement, which included a black and white photo of the former couple beaming at each other.

Bosworth’s caption stated, “The beginning is typically the finest part of love.” “The draw is fireworks, magnets, and revolt. “A wide-open expanse of opportunity” is signaled at the commencement.

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“Our hearts are full,” the statement read, “as we have never been so enthralled and sincerely thankful for one another as we are in this choice to part.” “Over the last 10 years, Michael and I have consistently chosen love. Today, we clasp hands as closely as we did on our wedding day, intertwined fingers and all. With more bravery, we stare deeper into each other’s eyes. We’ve realized that our love will never stop as a result of the process of letting go. The link does not simply go away. The heart expands as the love grows deeper.”

Their romance began on the set of Big Sur, a film version of Jack Kerouac’s novel of the same name that Polish directed, over 10 years ago. Their romance grew swiftly, and the Hollywood couple married in 2013 on a Montana ranch. Since then, they’ve focused their efforts on balancing raising Polish’s daughter Jasper (a child from his previous relationship with makeup artist Jo Strettell) with working as professional partners — their collaborations include the self-financed human trafficking film Nona — something they intend to do even as their relationship as exes move forward.

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“We chuckle as we plot our next film together, and we’re pleased to share our newest collaboration,” Bosworth ended in his statement. “To experience love like this, and to continue to wonder at the beauty of love’s progression, has been our greatest privilege.” What happens when we get to the conclusion of something only to learn we’re only getting started?”

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